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29 February 2012

2012 AUSXIP Charity Auction FAQ

The 2012 AUSXIP Charity Auction is fast approaching (21-28 March 2012) and we have quite a few goodies to add to this year's auction.

Many items have been signed and/or donated by: Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson, Steven Sears, Katherine Fugate, Crystal Chappell (Venice), Viva Bianca, Erin Cummings, Katrina Law, Stacy Haiduk and many others have donated, autographed and contributed items for the Charity Auction.

Every year we get items sent to us by fans who want to contribute their collectables to the auction or contribute other items such as books or artwork

For this auction, Lucy Lawless took time out of her very busy schedule in July 2011 to sign a great many items and donated some very special items as did Rob Tapert, Erin Cummings, Viva Bianca, Katrina Law, Stacy Haiduk, Adrienne Wilkinson and others.

In Association with The Starship Foundation
21-28 March 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 29 February 2012

Please read before sending in your question - this section will be updated as required.

1. Which charity will benefit from this year's Charity Auction?
2. Why isn't the Auction Also Raising Money For Renee's Charity?
3. Where did the Items come from and can I donate?
4. How long does the auction last?
5. Where can I go to place a bid?
6. Can you use the same password and user ID from previous auctions on AUSXIP?
7. How can I register to participate in this auction?
8. The site says "Currency is in ($) unless otherwise noted. Is this always in *US* dollars?
9. Once the sale is over, how do I pay for my items?
10. Where are the items going to be shipped from?
11. How do I pay for shipping?
12. I can't afford to bid on any items, would it be possible to donate to
13. I have a website / facebook / twitter. Can I participate in promoting this auction?
14. Would you like to ask a question not included in the FAQ?



28 February 2012

Renee's Gabrielle in Top 50 TV Character List

imageGabrielle made #32 on AfterEllen's top 50 tv characters here is thier caption: Every superhero in the universe wishes they had a sidekick as competent and loyal as Gabrielle. Sorry, though, Superman — Gabrielle was destined to be the companion of Xena. And by "companion," we mean "wife." Gabrielle and Xena's subtextual relationship is the stuff of legend. As long as lesbians are making lists of their favorite characters, you can count on Gabrielle being included.

More on

More on Renee's role as Gabrielle can be found on The Australian Xena Information Page



23 February 2012

2012 Xena Convention Photos From Sunday by Fiona Rae

image We have more photos from the 2012 Xena Convention. They were contributed by Fiona Rae


Lucy and Renee
Jennifer and Sheeri
The Widow Twanky and Jennifer

You can find more photos and reports from the convention by going to the AUSXIP 2012 Xena Convention event page

If you would like to contribute your photos or a report about the convention, please email me



22 February 2012

New photo on Renee's Facebook page








New photo posted over at Renee's Facebook Page for her profile photo.



19 February 2012

2012 Xena Convention Photos by Lori Boyles

2012 Xena Convention Photos have now been added to the photo galleries:

Sunday Photos by Lori Boyles

- Lucy

- Lucy and Renee

- Renee

- Jennifer and Sherri

- Widow Twanky & Jennifer



17 February 2012

Renee Featured in Adrienne Wilkinson's Interview Project Video

Adrienne sent over some interesting news regarding a new project she is working on.

Renee is part of a group of people (mainly actors) which makes up the trailer for Adrienne Wilkinson's new Interview project she's trying to do. They hope to launch a site in the next few months and hope to have their youtube channel up and running with a lot of content much sooner.





16 February 2012

Renee's Movie Infinity Accepted At OnLocation Film Festival 19-22 April 2012

According to Renee's website, her film Infinity has been accepted into the OnLocation Film Festival April 19-22, 2012 in Memphis, TN. Main film festival website:

Fans can vote for Infinity for the Fan Favorite Award on the film festival's website. Go to and click on Live Action Shorts to find Infinity.

What is Infinity About?

Elizabeth enjoys the perfect life. A perfect home. A perfect 4 year old daughter, Chelsea. A perfect loving husband, David. Even a kind but quirky next door neighbor, Edith, who keeps apprised of all matters, great or small, in her community. But, something is amiss. David seems troubled since returning from a tour of duty with his guard unit in Iraq. Struggling alone, his resolve breaks as he turns to a higher power for help, leading to a stint in a mental facility. Elizabeth carries on, projecting a brave face, to shield Chelsea from a reality the four year old couldn't possibly understand. But, in Poe-esque tradition, bad things happen to good people as this perfect life unravels in the blink of an eye. This tale spirals downward from the unthinkable to the even darker unknown depths of the unimaginable. What if, the eyes truly are the windows to the soul?

Click here to view the AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Inifinity Subsite



16 February 2012

5 Ways To Say Goodbye Video Now Online

ImageRenee has posted her 5 Ways To Say Goodbye which was shown at the recent 2012 Xena Convention


Watch the video along with the other 5 Ways videos on Renee's official 5 Ways video site.

Click here to view



15 February 2012

2012 Xena Convention Photos by Ross Olmos - Sunday

Updated the 2012 Xena Convention Photo Gallery with photos from Ross Olmos of the Sunday guests:



Lucy and Renee






14 February 2012

KT's Con 2012 Report - Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

Con 2012 Lucy and Renee Report
by KT

Click here for Main 2012 Xena Con Page | Photos

ImageOkay, a few corrections from my prior posts, with thanks to the folks who passed this info on to me: I said, “She said something about there being a picture of one little red shoe on the ground and she immediately said, “Oh, that’s too small!” (to be mine). Actually, she was looking out into the crowd and was saying that at the moment about the first shoe that was held up. Which was, cool enough, a little child sized version of the ruby slippers Dorothy in Oz wore. And which became one of the pairs of shoes donated to the homeless.

I said, “Someone asked something like even though Lucy is now a star herself, does she feel like she’s one when she meets other stars. (Something along that line.) Lucy said she’s still excited about meeting some stars. She said, “Neil Patrick Harris, Colin Firth”

A friend wrote that she remembered the question more as something like does she ever get fangirlish over any stars even though she is a star. And are there any stars that she wants to meet. She did mention Neil Patrick Harris and Colin Firth and then added that Neil was a friend of a friend and she still hasn't met him.

The same friend said that she thinks Lucy was talking about Madonna as being able to sniff out the heterosexual dude in a crowd. And then she informed me that Brittney’s bra brought in $6,000 for charity. Whoot!

Okay—Lucy and Renee:

A fan said, “We need to find a way to get Renee on the show” (Spartacus). (Not sure which “we” she was talking about--she didn’t seem to have someone with her at the mike. Perhaps she meant she, Lucy and Renee; or she, Lucy, Renee and the Xena fan base, or she and the whole wide world at large?)

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13 February 2012

2012 AUSXIP Charity Auction 21-28 March 2012

It's that time of year where AUSXIP is gearing up for our annual Charity Auction to benefit The Starship Foundation!

This is our 6th Auction since 15 December 2006. Help us raise money for The Starship Foundation in New Zealand. Since 2006 we have raised money for Starship and other charities we have raised close to $90,000 (to be exact $88,682.60).

What goodies have we got? Whilst I was in New Zealand last June, some very special items were donated by Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, Viva Bianca, Katrina Law and since then we have received more items to be auctioned off.

100% of the money raised goes to Starship.

- Autographed A Good Day Script with photos and notes. Photos of Lucy, Renee, Karl and others from that episode. It was donated by Lucy and Rob and autographed by them both. SUPER RARE AND EXTREMELY UNIQUE

- The AUTHENTIC and original mask worn by Viva Bianca in the Spartacus Season 1 episode "Whore" - Lucy donated it, Viva and Lucy signed it and I accepted it with glee. It still has the markings on the inside where the Sparty crew made adjustments for Viva. Signed by both Lucy and Viva on the inside of the mask.

- This item truly made my eyes bug out - Season 1 DVD signed by EVERYONE on the cast and some from the production crew (except for Andy Whitfield). There are 14 signatures on it. A SUPER RARE item

- Autographed Spartacus T-shirt including Andy Whitfield of the main cast!

- Renee O'Connor Autographed DVDs and Photos

- Autographed photos from Xena, Spartacus and other roles by Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor

- Costumes and Jewelry worn by Lucy Lawless and Adrienne Wilkinson

- Hard to find books by Writers from the Xenaverse

- Autographed artwork

- Autographed t-shirts from the entire cast of Venice The Series with Crystal Chappell, Adrienne Wilkinson and more.

- Photos and much more

there is something for everyone. I will have a complete list of items a few days before the auction starts on 21 March.

Stay tuned of more!



13 February 2012

KT's Con 2012 Report - Renee O'Connor

Con Review - 2012 Renee
by KTL

Click here for Main 2012 Xena Con Page | Photos

ImageRenee came out to huge applause. She stood and looked at us for a long time, just standing still and slowly scanning the rows of people in front of her. I think somebody in the audience said something but didn’t really get a reply. Renee said to us, as she slowly kept scanning and looking people in the eye, “I see you”.

(And when she said that, I suddenly remembered a Fringe episode about a guy who has no pigment due to being subjected to nefarious experiments as a child and who kept killing people to steal their pigment so he would be visible to others. For one short moment, he connected with a woman he was interested in who said to him, “I see you in the elevator every day”. Dude died happy because of that. Not that that’s relevant to Renee’s appearance, but it helps to explain why there tend to be missing pieces and/or inexplicable loose words flying around in my reports.)

HEY-back to Renee! Who said, “Fifteen years ago, I went to my first con. I remember being in Philadelphia, walking with Ted around the Freedom Tour. San Francisco. Who was there?” I heard people talking and I think there were some fans who indicated they’d been there.

“I’ve had a child since then. Got divorced. Remarried.” Pause. “I’ve grown up with you”. Then, “Thank you. Thank you”. It was all very quiet and focused on us, we who were there to see her.

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13 February 2012

Awareness Seminar in London 5-7 May 2012

May 5, 6, 7th 2012 in London, England

Day One:

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the practice of paying attention to our thoughts and emotions with sincere curiosity and withholding any judgments or expectations on what we are truly feeling.

This introductory class includes observing our conceptualizations of the Self, and the Collective Ego as an opposite reality to the direct experience of living a life with an open heart, in a complete state of awareness.


Day Two:

Breaking Patterns.

This class is designed to process life long patterns which cause you emotional pain. This class is created for both the beginning student and the advanced student. For the beginning students, this is an introduction to patterns and the trapped states they create, while the advanced students feel supported in releasing any remaining survival patterns that linger.


Day Three:

Discovering your authentic life.

Through class exercises and peer process, you will clarify for yourself the unconscious realization of your life. This class is designed for the advanced student who has shown a willingness to remove patterns, and a curiosity to move towards their 'unknown, unrealized' potential.


*Each day is a new, complete class.

*You can choose one which resonates, or build on each day as a complete course.

*Materials and lunch are provided.

*Preparatory written assignments are vital and will be sent out prior to the beginning of each class.


Please email on how to participate



12 February 2012

Renee's Birthday Thread Now on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat


Renée’s birthday thread is now up and running on Talking Xena.

”Leave your birthday wishes for Renée and these will be passed on to her when the thread is closed on Saturday, February 25th. If you currently are not a TX member, you must first register as a TX member before posting your message.

All birthday wishes will be monitored.”

Thank you in advance :)

Click here to add your wishes for Renee's Birthday!



1 February 2012 - Live from the 17th Annual "Xena: Warrior Princess" Convention report

ImageCheck out AfterEllen's report on the Xena Con with some great backstage photos of Lucy, Renee and more.