14 February 2012

KT's Con 2012 Report - Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

Con 2012 Lucy and Renee Report
by KT

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ImageOkay, a few corrections from my prior posts, with thanks to the folks who passed this info on to me: I said, “She said something about there being a picture of one little red shoe on the ground and she immediately said, “Oh, that’s too small!” (to be mine). Actually, she was looking out into the crowd and was saying that at the moment about the first shoe that was held up. Which was, cool enough, a little child sized version of the ruby slippers Dorothy in Oz wore. And which became one of the pairs of shoes donated to the homeless.

I said, “Someone asked something like even though Lucy is now a star herself, does she feel like she’s one when she meets other stars. (Something along that line.) Lucy said she’s still excited about meeting some stars. She said, “Neil Patrick Harris, Colin Firth”

A friend wrote that she remembered the question more as something like does she ever get fangirlish over any stars even though she is a star. And are there any stars that she wants to meet. She did mention Neil Patrick Harris and Colin Firth and then added that Neil was a friend of a friend and she still hasn't met him.

The same friend said that she thinks Lucy was talking about Madonna as being able to sniff out the heterosexual dude in a crowd. And then she informed me that Brittney’s bra brought in $6,000 for charity. Whoot!

Okay—Lucy and Renee:

A fan said, “We need to find a way to get Renee on the show” (Spartacus). (Not sure which “we” she was talking about--she didn’t seem to have someone with her at the mike. Perhaps she meant she, Lucy and Renee; or she, Lucy, Renee and the Xena fan base, or she and the whole wide world at large?)

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