13 February 2012

Awareness Seminar in London 5-7 May 2012

May 5, 6, 7th 2012 in London, England

Day One:

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the practice of paying attention to our thoughts and emotions with sincere curiosity and withholding any judgments or expectations on what we are truly feeling.

This introductory class includes observing our conceptualizations of the Self, and the Collective Ego as an opposite reality to the direct experience of living a life with an open heart, in a complete state of awareness.


Day Two:

Breaking Patterns.

This class is designed to process life long patterns which cause you emotional pain. This class is created for both the beginning student and the advanced student. For the beginning students, this is an introduction to patterns and the trapped states they create, while the advanced students feel supported in releasing any remaining survival patterns that linger.


Day Three:

Discovering your authentic life.

Through class exercises and peer process, you will clarify for yourself the unconscious realization of your life. This class is designed for the advanced student who has shown a willingness to remove patterns, and a curiosity to move towards their 'unknown, unrealized' potential.


*Each day is a new, complete class.

*You can choose one which resonates, or build on each day as a complete course.

*Materials and lunch are provided.

*Preparatory written assignments are vital and will be sent out prior to the beginning of each class.


Please email on how to participate