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AUSXIP Intertviews Renee O'Connor
- 15 December 2011 - Read The Interview


AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor
- April 2008 - Full Interview       


AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor
- April 2007 - Full Interview      

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Latest Renee News

09 November 2023


Renee O'Connor

A MESSAGE FROM Renee and House of Bards Theatre Company

 Thank you for taking a moment to read this note from us, at the House of Bards Theatre Company! We are honored to share that many of our Cast AND our Creative Team for A Midsummer Night's Dream have been nominated for the Broadway World Regional Theatre Awards. Please vote for us in all categories! Thank you!

Read More here


Lucy Lawless


16 October 2023

Due to a family emergency, I will be taking a few weeks off.

Thank you,



18 September 2023

MaryD's Fiction

My new radio play "Never Too Late" is almost here!!! I've been wanting to write this since 2017 and here it is. Thursday is the day (or Friday if you are in the Southern Hemisphere).

Sherri's Playhouse presents, Never Too Late by Mary D Brooks!

 Mary D Brooks, brings us the next chapter in lives of Zoe and Eva; Never Too Late; 

In the year 2017, the Lambros Family gathers in Sydney, Australia, with the goal of securing a "Yes" vote on the question of whether or not same-sex marriage should be legalized in Australia. A vote that will change people's lives irrevocably.

Tune in here:



5 September 2023

The AUSXIP Charity Auction has ended. HAPPY 28TH ANNIVERSARY XENA!!
(AUSXIP is 27 years old - well technically on the 15 December so a few months to go)

On behalf of The Starship Foundation and the House of Bards Theatre Co, THANK YOU to everyone who bid/won/supported the auction!

The tentative totals are $11,118

Starship: $6623
House of Bards: $4495

Battle On!



27 August 2023

Yes, I'm still alive! Sorry for the quiet nature of the site but it's about to get very busy and exciting! We have nearly 200 items and they are incredibly cool!

The countdown to the 2023 AUSXIP Charity Auction has started! The Auction Catalog is now available (PDF),
The Auction FAQ is now available.

You have 5 days to go through the extensive catalog (nearly 200 items) and bookmark them. You either click on the image or the item description to get to the auction page for the item.

Auction Catalog

Auction FAQ




30 July 2023

Lucy's directorial debut of a documentary about the legendary Margaret Moth in now in post-production.


Currently in Post-Production
Director: Lucy Lawless
Producers: Matthew Metcalfe,Tom Blackwell, Lucy Lawless
Editor: Whetham Allpress

New Zealand born CNN camerawoman Margaret Moth walks on the razor's edge between sanity and death. Her first assignment with CNN is to cover the riots that followed Indira Gandhi's assassination in India.
She goes on to cover conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and fatally, the Bosnian war. In vivid, emotional detail, we see what Moth saw and how she in turn changed what we, the television viewer, saw. A rollicking ride through sex, drugs and war, NEVER LOOK AWAY is war from a female perspective; as you have never seen it before.
Source: GFC Films



14 July 2023

Xena Fan Fiction


28 June 2023

The WGA Strike - Xena Picket is on TODAY

The WGA Strike:  #Xena Picket is on TODAY (28 June)

Where: NBCU Universal, 3969 Lankershim Blvd, Studio City 91604

Time: PDT 10 am to 2pm

Cast & Writers: Renee O'Connor, Steven L. Sears, Katherine Fugate and more.

Food is being sponsored by Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless and Katherine Fugate!

Xena costumes are encouraged! Let's show our support for our Xena Writers!


Xenite Memorial Service for Tiger Tyler!



25 June 2023

WGA Strike - Message from Katherine Fugate

Xena Art


11 June 2023

WGA Strike - Xena Writers

Renee O'Connor

Upcoming TV Shows

Special Ops: Lioness - Zoe Zaldana, Nicole Kidman AND Morgan Freeman? Oh please! Easiest decision ever about a TV show.


04 June 2023

Happy Pride month to my LGBTQI+ friends! You have enriched my life.

Xena Press


Renee O'Connor

Renee's new art (to raise money for The House of Bards)


15 May 2023

Tiger / Rob Tapert

The Bard's Corner

  • Bard's Corner Update: Takes Two To Know One by Iseqween (New)
    This story imagines what Xena and Gabrielle each might have been up to immediately after Xena's beating in THE GAUNTLET, before they meet in SINS OF THE PAST. Thanks to Xena's Little Bitch for her "Wish Come True" XWP fanfic, which planted the seed for mine. - IQ

2024 Salute To Xena Con


13 May 2023

Xenite Memorial Update - our Beloved Amazon Elder Tiger Has Passed Away on May 13, 2023

Xenite Memorial - Tiger 

 It is with a heavy and shattered heart I report that our beloved Amazon Elder, Tiger passed away after a shocking accident. Today about an hour ago we lost a dynamic woman, Tiger was 84 years young. She fought her final battle on May 13, 2023.

The Xenaverse has lost one half of the dynamic duo. Where Tiger was, her beautiful wife, Marilyn was right beside her. Our hearts are shattered and there are no words to try to convey our sorrow. Tiger was the toughest chick I had ever met. Fearless. One of the most amazing humans on the planet. I loved her and will always love her. To my darling Marilyn, there are no words to assuage your grief but know that your friends from all over the world are with you.

Rest in peace our dear Tiger.


05 May 2023

WGA Writer's Strike 

AUSXIP Supports the 2023 WGA Writers Strike just like we did in the 2007-2008 strike.

2023 WGA Writers Strike

How can you help the striking writers? This was posted on Twitter and it's a spreadsheet including food supplies

2007-2008 WGA Writers Strike

Back in 2007 - 2008, the Xenaverse did an amazing thing (one of many incredible things this fandom has done) - thanks to the Xenaverse we set up the Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign where we raised $2005 for drinks, chips, cookies etc while our writer were outside picketing. Not only did we support the striking Writers but we supported our Xena writers even though our show was off the air for 7 years! We marched in solidarity with our Xena writers like Steven L. Sears, Katherine Fugate, Liz Friedman, RJ Stewart. Our stars showed up including Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson, Victoria Pratt, TJ Scott, Timothy Omundson. Lucy couldn't make it because she was saving her voice for her upcoming concerts. Rob Tapert showed up in his blue fishing gear (I think he was the best dressed for the occasion since it rained and hailed on us).
Here's my Xena March report - I was so high on the excitement, I could have flown home without a plane!


24 April 2023

2024 Xena Burbank Convention

Adrienne Wilkinson


21 April 2023

Renee O'Connor

Adrienne Wilkinson


20 April 2023

MaryD's Blog

Xena Press

19 April 2023

Message from Renee O'Connor on FB

Hi Friends,

thanks for all the notices about the Facebook site that is pretending to be me. I have reported them. Please stop following or liking the post there (photo of the site is pictured below) because it is DEFINATELY NOT ME. Don't waste your time or energy reading their posts. And for you, little person, who is spending your precious life this way, pretending to be someone else, let it go.

Renee's REAL FB account is located here:


8 April 2023

Message from Adrienne Wilkinson

We have jumped into our 2023 Charity events. The countdown is on, and we need YOU!

This year is especially close to my heart as our charity raise is in honor of my sweet pup who recently passed after giving me nearly 17 wonderful years. With him as inspiration, we are partnering with 3 incredible vets, supporting emergency veterinary care for those who without assistance would be unable to afford care and be forced to make terrible choices.

This year we have 2 juicy offerings:

1) A 2 hour virtual Meet-&-Greet with me! These have been SO MUCH FUN. They can be used as a fun hang out, a creative consultation or anything in between. We have ONLY 13 grab yours fast! Meetings are scheduled as soon as possible, usually within the week, and can also be purchased as gifts for others. Remember, these are virtual so you can participate from anywhere around the world.

2) This years charity raffle is our BIGGEST EVER. We have more than 20 grand prizes - your odds are outstanding! And wow do we have cool offerings this year. One of a kind, super rare, even items I didn't know existed!

We currently are 25% sold out....which means we have a looooong way to go and need your help. I would be ever so grateful for your participation. There is no limit to the tickets you can buy (as long as inventory allows) you can also buy tickets as gifts for others, and items will ship worldwide, so you can participate from anywhere!
Image shows Adrienne being adorable displaying all the loot

***And as soon as we reach 50% sold out, we will be adding another huge prize to the mix!*** That means we need 55 more tickets sold to reach this next goal. Can you help?!

Drawing will be held live on Sunday May 7th at the Xenite Retreat! This gives us a month to sell out and it would mean the world to me if we could! Please jump in and grab tickets if you can, and thank you for spreading the word!

Tickets & info: 

Thank you so much for joining. I love that we can support the greater good by having a great time for a great cause.

With so much love,


25 March 2023

Xena Press Roundup

Renee O'Connor



12 March 2023

The Bard's Corner

  • I'm stoked to announce that the audio version of Missy Good's Soulmates series is now available to listen online or download. The audio was produced by talented voice artist and bard, WordWarrior!

    Here's the list of the audio books! You can download them from The Bard's Corner's Missy Good Fanfic Page


25 February 2023

Xena FanFic - The Bard's Corner

I've got some AUSXIP Bard's Corner News that is pretty cool - a new fanfic by Iseqween and Missy Good's Soulmates Series in Audio.

    The following retrospective builds on my May 2002 "What Stories Are For" and imagines "classic" Xena & Gabrielle discovering themselves in all manner of scrolls long after their life-altering experiences in Japa. Inspired by and dedicated to XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS bards and such enduring fiction sites as the AUSXIP Bard's Corner, Royal Academy of Bards, Tom's Xena Page, and Athenaeum. -- IQ

    Melissa Good's SOULMATES Series now available in Audio
  • Fans of Missy Good's SOULMATES series will have full access to the mp3 files of her Soulmates series which were narrated by WordWarior. They have been given the greenlight to be hosted on AUSXIP. I'm going to be adding those in the next couple of days.

18 February 2023

Xena Conventions

16 February 2023

Message from Rob and Lucy


15 February 2023

Happy Birthday Renee!!

Cyclone Gabrielle Batters New Zealand

Well Cyclone Gabrielle has battered New Zealand over the last few days. Unfortunately two people have lost their lives and so many have had major damage to their homes.

Another shocking development was Amber Rhodes (Amber was Renee's double on the show) had her home demolished by Gabrielle.

11 February 2023

Renee O'Connor

The House of Bards News! Renee sent out a new message via her official FB page

I am thrilled to be directing the playful and witty A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM for The House of Bards Theatre Company.
The CAST and CREATIVE TEAM will be announced very soon. I am very, very excited!
Tickets are available now at

April 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 and May 5, 6, 7



07 February 2023

Social Media Update

AUSXIP, AUSXIP Publishing and my personal accounts AUSXIPMaryD and Author account: MaryDBrooks has headed to Spoutible; a new twitter like social media forum. At the moment it's in beta stage but it will be open to subscribers starting 9 February 2023

These are my accounts:


Lucy Lawless


20 January 2023


Lucy Lawless


10 January 2023

It is with great sadness to report that an Amazon Elder has passed away. Joyce Mitchell, aged 76, lost her battle with liver cancer on November 29, 2022.
Update via Jenny Maher and Joyce's niece.

Say not in grief 'she is no more' but live in thankfulness that she was.

Xenite Memorial Update: Joyce Mitchell Passes Away November 29, 2022

18 December 2022

MaryD's Fiction

My new book "Promise is a Promise" is being released on 23 December! Check it out.

A heart-warming romantic comedy promising a night of passionate romance. Zoe Lambros is on a mission to keep a promise she made to her wife Eva in a refugee camp in Egypt in 1946! Zoe is on mission of love! Featuring the Illustrations of Lucia Nobrega and Zoe's Journal!

MaryD Reviews

TV & Movie News

Wonder Woman

Doctor Who


29 November 2022

Xena Press

Xenaverse Art Galleries


20 November 2022

Xena Con

Xena Video

Mighty History Chicks


19 November 2022

Salute to Xena Con

Guest Updates

  • Musetta Vander and Claire Stansfield will not be attending the convention
  • Katherine Fugate is a new guest for Friday
  • Timothy Omundson is also a new guest!

Renee O'Connor


11November 2022


Win the convention package of your dreams!!

Drawing to be held Nov 14th approximately 7pm pacific time
(will be held sooner if we sell out sooner).

Loves! The most generous Xena fan ever, just donated her entire epic November 18-20th 2022 Creation Xena Convention package to me, to be used to raise funds for families in need. This package is EVERYTHING you could dream of and it is so big, we are dividing it into 3! We are doing an immediate quick fire raffle - to rehome these amazing prizes into the hands of 3 Xenites in the next 2 weeks! Every ticket has a chance at all 3 prizes (we keep pulling names from the hat until all 3 have new homes).

**Update: Another generous Xenite has donated two additional gold weekend tickers!**



04 November 2022

MaryD's New Book - Wishing Tree

Just in time for Christmas holidays comes a new novella in the Intertwined Souls series with Eva and Zoe called "Wishing Tree"
It's 1958 in Sydney, Australia. Eva and Zoe Lambros have finally achieved the family they craved after the tumult of the last few years. Eva tries to find out what to get Zoe for her thirtieth birthday and how to tell their daughter, Larissa, about her unique abilities; she gets inspiration from a comic book heroine. Zoe tangles with an obnoxious radio host who has taken exception to her art and is unaware he is about to face a lioness. It's a tale of love, unexpected surprises, and cherished memories for the Lambros family.

Xena Con News


02 November 2022

Win the ULTIMATE Xena Convention Experience...

Xena Con News

Renee O'Connor



17 October 2022

AUSXIP Publishing

MaryD Reviews

  • One Last Shot by Kip Wilson
    Gerda Taro, a vibrant, headstrong photojournalist with a passion for capturing the truth amid political turmoil and the first woman photojournalist killed in combat.

Renee O'Connor / House of Bards

Lucy Lawless


28 September 2022

I'm taking some time off! Will be back in a few weeks


25 September 2022

Xena FanFic

Sarah Lynn DeCuir has sent in two updated fanfics a Classic Alt and Conqueror stories. Sarah Lynn used to write as Apollo.


16 September 2022

Xenite Memorial

Renee O'Connor

In case you missed the news...



14 September 2022

Xena Musical


07 September 2022

Xena Art

04 September 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

Thank you Xenites for yet another awesome auction result!



02 September 2022

The 16th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction is now live!

Xena Art

Renee O'Connor


28 August 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

We are nearly there! SEPT 1-4! 16th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction for The Starship Foundation and The House of Bards Theatre Company. Get ready, it's going to be EPIC!


Lucy Lawless

This is one of those articles where you instantly go... yeah, right. Not happening. Apparently Lucy's Alexa is going to be her last role as an actress <insert eye roll> Acting is in her blood. She won't give it up and she's BRILLIANT at it.


19 August 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

It's nearly time for this year's charity auction! We have just over 150 items and amazing goodies!
Check out the auction catalog, bookmark the items you like and then have at it when it starts!
Download the catalog

MaryD's Mighty History Chicks

TV News

Grey's Anatomy



10 August 2022

Australia and the world lost two incredible talents this week - Judith Durham (The Seekers) passed away on August 5 and Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8, 2022. Incredible loss to the world.

AUSXIP Charity Auction

  • The catalog of goodies on the 16th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction will be dropping next week. I keep trying to release it but keep getting more stuff which only pushes the catalog release back. It's a nice problem to have!
  • Registrations are now open BUT they will close soon. Sign up now or miss out

Renee O'Connor

  • Renee is directing a new House of Bards production in November 2022. HOB will be bringing George Orwell's 1984 to the stage! Renee has announced the new show on her official instagram account. Read more here

Lucy Lawless

A League of their Own

more news, click here for archived news