13 February 2012

KT's Con 2012 Report - Renee O'Connor

Con Review - 2012 Renee
by KTL

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ImageRenee came out to huge applause. She stood and looked at us for a long time, just standing still and slowly scanning the rows of people in front of her. I think somebody in the audience said something but didn’t really get a reply. Renee said to us, as she slowly kept scanning and looking people in the eye, “I see you”.

(And when she said that, I suddenly remembered a Fringe episode about a guy who has no pigment due to being subjected to nefarious experiments as a child and who kept killing people to steal their pigment so he would be visible to others. For one short moment, he connected with a woman he was interested in who said to him, “I see you in the elevator every day”. Dude died happy because of that. Not that that’s relevant to Renee’s appearance, but it helps to explain why there tend to be missing pieces and/or inexplicable loose words flying around in my reports.)

HEY-back to Renee! Who said, “Fifteen years ago, I went to my first con. I remember being in Philadelphia, walking with Ted around the Freedom Tour. San Francisco. Who was there?” I heard people talking and I think there were some fans who indicated they’d been there.

“I’ve had a child since then. Got divorced. Remarried.” Pause. “I’ve grown up with you”. Then, “Thank you. Thank you”. It was all very quiet and focused on us, we who were there to see her.

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