Premieres and Other Events
The following subsites contain information about events Renee has attended.
They include screencaptures, photos and/or video clips.
2018 Indiana Comic Con with Renee
  Renee Teaching Acting Workshop - Southern Shakespeare Company
  Exclusive Meet and Chat with Renee O'Connor - Southern Shakespeare Festival Event May 12, 2018
  Renee Live Q&A Video 1 January 2018
2017 Renee Talks To Fans - First Live Facebook Chat
  Renee Facebook Live Q&A Video About Beyond The Farthest Star
Renee on Facebook Live Q&A About Beyond The Farthest Star - 5 December 2017
  Renee at Central Canada Comic Con!
  Renee Interviewed at Premiere of A Question of Faith
  Renee at A Question of Faith Premiere 27 September 2017
Renee attended the A Question of Faith Premiere on 27 September 2017
  Renee Posts Photo From I Love Lucy in Short and Sweet 2017 Festival
  Photos: Renee at Tampa Comic Con - July 2017

Video: Renee at Tampa Bay Comic Con Full Panel
  Renee at Dinner With Friends Theatre Show in Los Angeles
9-26 March 2017
  Special Q&A with Audience at Dinner With Friends Show March 19, 2017
2016 Renee Photos from SPIFFest
2015 Dallas Comic Con - October 2015
  Renee and Steven Thank The Fans on Xena's 20th Anniversary
  Renee attended the 2015 Women Making A Difference Symposium
  Renee in Cameo Appearance in SMOKE AND MIRRORS 19 Feb Los Angeles
2014 In The Tub with Renee
  Xenite Con III: Renee and Lucy Q&A (Full Appearance) 26 October 2014
  Renee at FantasyCon July 3-5, 2014 Utah
  2014 Official Xena Convention
2013 Renee Attends book Launch for TJ Scott’s “In the Tub”
  Photos and Tweets Renee at SPIFFest
  Renee at Paris Xenite Con
Xenite Con II Video of Renee, Hudson and Jennifer Sky
  Renee To Attend Houston Beyond The Farthest Star Screening 19 October 2013
  Renee Teaches at Youth Filmmaking Intensive For Kids 24-25 August
  Renee Receives A Gratitude Award for "Moving Lives Forward."
  Renee's Introduction To Awareness Workshop at 2013 Xena Convention
2012 Renee is an Instructor and Guest Director Catalina Film Institute Nov 2012
  Awareness Training with Renee O'Connor in October 2012 Austin, Texas
  'Introduction to Awareness' with Renee O'Connor At RizzlesCon 2012
  Renee at Action On Film International Film Festival
  Little Rock Film Festival Report and Renee Photos


The Final Journey The Last Official Xena Convention by Creation Entertainment
  Renee Portraits by TJ Scott Coffee Table Book For Breast Cancer Research
  Renee To Be On Panel in Little Rock To Discuss The Role of Women in Filmmaking
  2012 Burn Relay (19 May 2012)
  Awareness Seminar in London 5-7 May 2012 May 5, 6, 7th 2012 in London, England
  Renee Honoured at 2012 Los Angeles Business Journal's Women Making A Difference Awards
  RingCon Commercial 2012

AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor - Renee took time of her busy schedule and graciously agreed to this interview. It was the third interview Renee has given to AUSXIP.

  2010 French Convention (Paris)
29 August 2010
  Awareness Seminar with Renee O'Connor, New Jersey, USA
22 May 2010
  Awareness Seminar with Renee O'Connor, London UK
16 May 2010
  2010 Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

01 May 2010


  2009 Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
25 April 2009
  Renee in Brazil
18 April 2009


  Toronto Fan Expo
23-24 August 2008
Toronto, Canada
Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Celebrate Comic-Con
July 26, 2008 - J6 BAR at HOTEL SOLAMAR, 435 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA United States
  2008 Comic-Con
Renee at Atom Film Booth to promote new scifi web series Ark
  2008 Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

26 April 2008
  Memphis Film Festival
Diamonds and Guns Movie Q&A Panel
29 March 2008
  2008 Lucy Lawless Roxy Concert
25 January 2008

Renee debuts in her first Roxy performance singing a duet with Lucy - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

  2008 Burbank Xena Convention
26 January 2008
2007 2007 Chicago Xena Convention
6-7 October 2007
  2007 New York Xena Convention
1 June - 3 June 2007
  2007 Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay
to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  Dinah Shore Weekend 30 March 2007
Renee met with fans, signed autographs and had her photo taken.
  Lucy Lawless Roxy Concerts - guest appearance as a dancer - 13 and 14 January 2007
  2007 Official Xena Convention - 12-14 January 2007
2006 Celebrity Duets - Renee in the audience to support Lucy
  2006 Firefighters Burn Relay-04-08-96
  2006 Official Xena Convention - 13-15 January 2006



2005 Orlando Bardcon

  Southern California Firefighters Car Wash
to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  2005 05 03 Saturn Awards
  2005 04 30 Firefighters Burn Relay
  2005 Art Gallery - showcasing Renee's artwork
  2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention - January 2005
  Strong Women of Xena and TV - Seattle, WA, USA - 13-15 May 2005


  The Prince and Me Premiere
  The Grudge Premiere
  2004 Official Xena Convention


  Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay
to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

31 May 2003
  2003 New Zealanders Oscar Party
  2003 Pasadena Xena Convention
  Strong Women of Sci Fi Convention - UK
  Comic Con - US


  Shakespeare By The Sea - Role: Lady MacBeth


  2001 Xena Convention


  Valley Forge Xena Convention