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31 January 2012

More from the TJ Scott photoshoot of Renee



TJ Scott posted another image from his photoshoot with Renee from his "In the Tub" Coffee Table book shoot.

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30 January 2012

No Goodbyes...Just Good Memories 2012 Xena Convention Final Report

Yes I have plagerised Star Trek's Tasha Yar. I love that holodeck eulogy so I'm using it (since my fandoms collided at the con..might as well go with the theme)

The 2012 Xena Convention is over and it was my final convention despite what Creation may or may not do next year. I suspect this the last convention for many other folks judging by the chatter.

Here are the photos from the final day

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29 January 2012

2012 Xena Convention Update - Lucy & Renee - The Final Journey

ImageImageImageOkay folks, this is it. I'm absolutely dead set tired but I figured you guys would want the pictures so I've uploaded them. A Report to follow when I can think straight.

- Photos of Lucy
- Photos of Renee
- Photos of Lucy and Renee



29 January 2012

Renee Portraits by TJ Scott Coffee Table Book For Breast Cancer Research

Goodness TJ is such a great photographer. Check out Renee's portraits

Actress/Director Renée O'Conner, of Xena fame, used a mystical camera that Marilyn Manson gave to the band 8MM for our "In The Tub' shoot for my Coffee Table Book benefiting Breast Cancer Research.

image She Dreams In Pictures


imageShe Can Tell A Story With Her Smile



29 January 2012

Gabrielle Shows Up At 2012 Xena Con + Photo Op with Renee!

DSC_0310.jpgRenee made a surprise appearance as Gabrielle in Katherine Fugate's play on Saturday..AND did a photo op in her BGSB and brown skirt + Staff (was very excited about that)

Click here to view pics from the play

I wrote the following in my con blog:

Saw a message from Missy to get my butt down to the photo Op area because I was going to get my all time wish of seeing Renee in that itty bitty BGSB and brown skirt PLUS staff. YES! Alrighty now, this is special :) It was fabulous and for me who hates photos...I made an exception for Ms Renee :) Felt like a little kid getting all giddy.We then had Katherine Fugate who once again put in a play about how we wanted the season finale to really be. Suprise guest included Claudia Black, Crystal Chappell, Bridget Brannagh (Army Wives), Tim and David and then the REAL surprise of the day...RENEE playing..Gabrielle! LOL! Oh my gooness the room ERUPTED. I can't describe into words other than to say...god help us on Sunday when Lucy and Renee are on stage together. It's going to blow the roof off!

What was the play about? Gabrielle proposes to Xena :) Xena accepts of course.

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24 January 2012

ROC Chat Banner Contest for March

ImageROC fans are currently looking forward to seeing Renee in her starring role as Maureen Wells in a dramatic feature film scheduled for release in 2012. Benjamin Dane, one of the film's producers and fellow TXer, has given his kind permission to use images from the yet to be released film and he is eager to see what the ROC fans on TX will do with the images from his film. Therefore, our special March ROC Chat banner theme will be....



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24 January 2012

It's Time To Party! 2012 Xena Convention


Hey folks, it's coming close to the convention and all the AUSXIP editing staff will be at the con - first time this has happened which is interesting. From Wednesday the site will be in skeleton staff mode. Updates will still occur but a bit later than normal.

I will be live blogging from the convention and you can follow directly on the AUSXIP Convention Page, on twitter or facebook.

This is going to be my last convention (whether Creation does another is up in the air judging by the poll they have on their site) It's going to be emotional and I'm packing the tissues. Let's all go out and have a great time, laugh and cry and then laugh some more. We are a family - sometimes a dysfunctional family but a family. The Xenaverse truly rocks and it's the best fandom I've ever been in or will be in.

Let's go party people!!




11 January 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

Hey folks,

RightO! I'm off on my annual holiday and this time I'm trekking across the pond to the US for a few weeks to catch up with mates, attend the 2012 Final Journey Xena Convention and just have a great time!

While I'm away, Lori will be taking over and updating AUSXIP and the rest of the sites. I'm looking forward to watching the Spartacus premiere (I'll have a review/preview of the first two episodes next week).

ALL the AUSXIP staff will be at the Xena Convention so I'll pop in by live blogging the convention with news, photos and other assorted goodies; you can follow this on AUSXIP or twitter and facebook. It's going to be mega fun and mega emotional.

Spartacus is going to be HUGE and the Xena Con will be INCREDIBLE!

I'll be back on board around 8th Feb!

Battle On!