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30 June 2019


27 June 2019

Top SIX Reasons To Watch All SIX Seasons of Xena Warrior Princess -

ImageWatch All 6 Seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess on

Here’s the top six reasons to watch all six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess right here on!

1. Lucy Lawless, obviously - Forged in the heat of battle, we can’t imagine anyone else in the titular role of this girl power series that ruled the late 90s and we know you can’t either. Lawless was and is the embodiment of a strong female lead, a character that people from diverse backgrounds can identify with.

2. Xena and Gabrielle’s friendship - If our friends aren’t willing to help us fight ruthless warlords and gods in an ancient mythological world and then help us stay on the path of good, then we don’t want ‘em. #friendshipgoals



3. Ares: god of War - His relationship with Xena was complicated and at times, so was our relationship with the character (gods of war are hard to love). But one thing remains certain, the late Kevin Smith was a great actor and we’re so thankful that he lives on through his unforgettable performances in the series.


4. Xena’s battle cry - Guys, someone literally created a ONE HOUR video loop of Xena’s Ululation. Google it or celebrate your fandom in a slightly less ALL CAPS manner by reliving the battle cry gracefully as you watch all 127 full episodes.

5. Xena’s Chakram - Because no hero is complete without their signature weapon. We love watching Xena wield her chakram like a boss.


6. Other Xena fans - There are few communities (besides a certain hive that comes to mind…) that come together to express their pride, love and fandom of all things Xena. Whether it’s your favorite episode, costume or top moment, Tweet us @SYFY to let us - and the world wide web - know what you’re digging about Seasons 1 - 6.

Visit the SYFY App page to watch all six seasons without logging in!



27 June 2019

Syfy Launches Six Seasons of Xena + Video Promo!

My goodness AUSXIP's Mary Terrell and Lori Boyles were quick off the mark today! MaryT posted the news about Syfy showing all 6 seasons of Xena on their streaming service:

Lori Boyles was quick off the mark in snagging the just released Syfy #Xena Promo! What a fantastic video - check it out! It's been a long time since I posted a Xena Promo video! Good times!


Best place to find more about Xena Warrior Princess is the AUSTRALIAN Xena Information Page (aka AUSXIP)



17 June 2019

Creation's Xena 25th Anniversary Con - Weekend Packages Available

ImageWe are so excited to celebrate at our Salute to Xena’s 25th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles, being held on August 28-30, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency LAX – and we are now offering all the full convention packages!

As a fantastic 25th anniversary tribute of Xena: Warrior Princess, the three-day convention will include great guest panels, special events, photo ops and autograph signings with fan favorites:

Lucy Lawless,
Renée O'Connor,
Michael Hurst,
Jennifer Ward-Lealand,
Alexandra Tydings,
Musetta Vander,
Paris Jefferson,
Jacqueline Kim,
Claire Stansfield,
Ted Raimi,
Victoria Pratt,
Steven L. Sears,
and our host Brittney Powell!

With just a few remaining Gold Weekend packages available, we are now offering the Silver, Copper and General Admission Weekend packages – all great ways to attend this special celebration!

Go to the website today to secure your seats as soon as possible!

See all you Xenites in 2020!



12 June 2019

Why Did AUSXIP Choose House of Bards To Support....

I've been asked why AUSXIP chose House of Bards Theatre Company as one of our charities. That's an interesting question. We live in a world that is increasingly become difficult and quite distressing. Storytellers have taken us out of our world and transported us as far as our imaginations and their storytelling could take us. As a storyteller / bard myself I have found this to be EXTREMELY important. It's why we buy books, watch movies, go to the theatre.

Many of you may be aware of Renee's work behind the scenes with young actors and how she has nutured them. She will take those young actors and will create extraordinary work. We need storytellers, we need people to nuture others fulfill their dreams.

That's why we chose House of Bards as one of our charities.

We have supported charities in the past that allowed young people to reach their potential (The Ellis Foundation), supported a children's hospital and still do (Starship Foundation), Adrienne Wilkinson's Families in Need Charity, Brittney's Bra Auction, AIDS LifeCycle Auction, Trevor Foundation, Frog conservation etc

The bottom line is we are doing this to make a difference in people's lives for the better. We will continue to support other charities and causes when the need arises.

Battle On!



11 June 2019

AUSXIP Welcomes Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company As Official Charity


AUSXIP Greater Good (our charity arm) has joined forces with Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company and it will become our second official charity that we will support.

I'm pleased to announce, with consultation with Renee O'Connor, AUSXIP will add House of Bards Theatre Company as part of our charity drive in September for our 12th charity auction. The AUSXIP's official charities are: The Starship Foundation and House of Bards Theatre Company.

In 2006 AUSXIP celebrated 10 years online and I wanted to celebrate this event by organizing a charity auction. AUSXIP Greater Good was born to benefit Starship Foundation (Lucy) and The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (Renee) - the goal was to highlight both Lucy and Renee's greater good endeavours and to celebrate AUSXIP's 10th birthday by raising money in the spirit of Xena's underlying theme of the Greater Good.

That initial idea hit a few hurdles and due to the significant problems we encountered with Paypal and then check donations for Renee's charity monies in the 2010 and 2011 AUSXIP Charity Auctions, we attempted to find a better solution. Unfortunately, after months of trying to get a good outcome, we couldn't get that arrangement to work.

Until now.

ALL money raised for Starship goes to Starship and ALL money raised for Renee's new theatre company House of Bards go to the House of Bards! Our goal is to bypass AUSXIP in the payment section, bypass paypal and get the winning bidders to pay the House of Bards Theatre Company directly, the same process we use for the winning bids for The Starship Foundation. AUSXIP will then be notified of payments and we ship items out.

Our goal has always been to give 100% of the proceeds to the charity involved.
So, the original idea which started in 2006 has finally been put in place. Since 2006 we have raised (with YOUR help and support) $204,250 for Starship and other charities.

Thank you for your support!

Battle On




10 June 2019

Renee's New Theatre Company Is Called "House of Bards Theatre Company"

ImageAbout a month ago, Renee asked the Xenaverse if we could come up with some names for her theatre company. The suggestions came in thick and fast and now, Renee has chosen her theatre company name.

House of Bards Theatre Company!

How appropriate is that name for Renee? Yeah we think so too! The theatre company has these official sites

From the site:

Our mission is to produce classical and contemporary professional theater, to entertain and to educate audiences of all ages, to challenge individual viewpoints, and to cultivate an appreciation of great literature.


Official Site:

Official Instagram Account:

Official Facebook Page:



10 June 2019

House of Bards Theatre Company Fundraiser: Challenge ReneeOConnor in a game of XENAopoly

House of Bards Theatre Company Fundraising Event: Challenge Renee O'Connor in a game of XENAopoly

Lunch included.

Limited tickets (8) at $550 each available soon.

October 26, 2019 1:00-4:00 pm Private Location


Click here for more details



10 June 2019

House of Bards Event: 'Bloody Mary' Brunch with Macbeth November 2, 2019

ImageHouse of Bards Event: 'Bloody Mary' Brunch with Macbeth
Join us for a brunch, in a casual setting, with special guests from the cast of Macbeth.

Renee O'Connor, Jed Sura and more!

Tickets are $150 each, available soon.

Nov 2, 2019, 11:00-1:00

Click here for more details



10 June 2019

Macbeth Theatre Production Dates and Ticket Information

ImageMore information about Renee's production of Macbeth has been posted. Check out the details below for times and ticket prices.

Tickets & Reservations
General Admission seating, $30 each

Reserved Seating, front row, $40 each

VIP Deck Table seating with a production poster signed by the cast of Macbeth, $60 each.

NOTE: VIP Deck Tables seat 4. If you purchase fewer than 4 seats, you will share your table. Purchase 4 seats to reserve a private table.

Student Tickets: General Admission $20, Use code 3WITCHES. Must present Valid Student ID at door.

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7:30
Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:00
Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:30
Friday, October 18, 2019 at 7:30
Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 2:00
Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 7:30
Friday, October 25, 2019 at 7:30
Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 7:30
Friday, November 1, 2019, at 7:30
Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 2:00

For ticket and other information



9 June 2019

Upcoming Theatre Show Annie The Musical With Renee + Win VIP Experience with Renee!

ImageWIN A VIP "Annie" Experience starring

Enter for your chance to win this VIP EXPERIENCE, where the WINNER will have a night they will NEVER forget.

Winner of the RAFFLE will receive:
4 VIP Front Row Tickets to

Annie the Musical on Saturday, June 29th at 7:30pm performing at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Starring Renee O'Connor as Lily St. Regis!
Private Backstage tour with Renee O'Connor!
4 tickets to the VIP Reception before the show.
Meet & Greet with the Cast.
Autographed Poster signed by the Cast.
Overnight Hotel Stay for up to (4) guests?.
And up to $1000 credit* in airfare to get you there! (*Restrictions apply)

To purchase Raffle tickets: use the order form provided and fax the order form to 1-419-844-6459 or you may mail it to ENCORE Raffle, 3555 Lomita Blvd, Suite E, Torrance, Ca 90505 (mailed entries must be received by June 19, 2019. ENCORE is not responsible for lost, delayed or misdirected mail.)

* Drawing will be held on June 20, 2019. Winner need not be present.



4 June 2019

AUSXIP Flashback: AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor 15 December 2011

ImageAUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor 15 December 2011 - AUSXIP had the pleasure of interviewing Renee in April 2008 and now we catch up with Renee in time for AUSXIP's 15th Anniversary.

Since Xena ended it's 6 year run over 10 years ago, Renee has been very busy in continuing to act, direct and produce her own short films and movies, create a web presence by interacting with fans with video presentations and other media. Renee has taken time out of her very busy schedule to talk to us about the Last Xena Convention in January 2012, her creation of ROC Pictures, her movies Words Unspoken and Infinity, her involvement with the I Am Aware seminars and what habit she really can't break!

Read the Interview



1 June 2019

Macbeth - Message from Renee and New Poster

ImageRenee O'Connor Message About her production of Macbeth

I have been very busy working on our production of Macbeth. We will have more to share in the coming weeks. Save the date to save your seat. You will not want to miss this one!

More info on ROC Pictures



Coming October 2019, Renee will be producing an intimate and intense version of Macbeth, portraying the role of ‘Lady Macbeth’ along side her husband, Jed Sura as ‘Macbeth’. This theatrical production will be presented at the Grand Annex, in San Pedro, California, guided by visionary guest director, Michael Ritchie, (Southern Shakespeare’s director of Romeo and Juliet).

“I am thrilled to reprise the role of Lady M, after playing this role with Shakespeare By The Sea in 2002. I never could have imagined I would have the opportunity to play this intense part with my husband!” Renee O’Connor

Check the MACBETH page on our website,, for updates..