11 June 2019

AUSXIP Welcomes Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company As Official Charity


AUSXIP Greater Good (our charity arm) has joined forces with Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company and it will become our second official charity that we will support.

I'm pleased to announce, with consultation with Renee O'Connor, AUSXIP will add House of Bards Theatre Company as part of our charity drive in September for our 12th charity auction. The AUSXIP's official charities are: The Starship Foundation and House of Bards Theatre Company.

In 2006 AUSXIP celebrated 10 years online and I wanted to celebrate this event by organizing a charity auction. AUSXIP Greater Good was born to benefit Starship Foundation (Lucy) and The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (Renee) - the goal was to highlight both Lucy and Renee's greater good endeavours and to celebrate AUSXIP's 10th birthday by raising money in the spirit of Xena's underlying theme of the Greater Good.

That initial idea hit a few hurdles and due to the significant problems we encountered with Paypal and then check donations for Renee's charity monies in the 2010 and 2011 AUSXIP Charity Auctions, we attempted to find a better solution. Unfortunately, after months of trying to get a good outcome, we couldn't get that arrangement to work.

Until now.

ALL money raised for Starship goes to Starship and ALL money raised for Renee's new theatre company House of Bards go to the House of Bards! Our goal is to bypass AUSXIP in the payment section, bypass paypal and get the winning bidders to pay the House of Bards Theatre Company directly, the same process we use for the winning bids for The Starship Foundation. AUSXIP will then be notified of payments and we ship items out.

Our goal has always been to give 100% of the proceeds to the charity involved.
So, the original idea which started in 2006 has finally been put in place. Since 2006 we have raised (with YOUR help and support) $204,250 for Starship and other charities.

Thank you for your support!

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