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31 July 2019

AUSXIP Charity and The House of Bards Presents...Renee O'Connor Hosted Henna Party!

AUSXIP Charity & The House of Bards are going to bring you something EXTRA SPECIAL for the upcoming 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction. How would you like to be in a party of 5 for Henna painting with RENEE O'CONNOR?

You do? Register at




27 July 2019

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World - Renee O'Connor and Adrienne Wilkinson

I had the golden opportunity on my recent trip to the US for the Xenite Retreat to attend Renee's Uncle Vanya performance in San Pedro (it was FABULOUS to see Renee perform live).

In addition I caught up with the amazing Adrienne Wilkinson at the Xenite Retreat! It was such a treat. While there I took the opportunity to take a long the Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Journal (the 25th Anniversary wasn't ready yet so we did a little improvising). There will be some of the journals available at the 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction in September!


Have you submitted your story on how #Xena Changed Your Life? You have until Dec 31, 2019! - Renee O'Connor & Adrienne Wilkinson love the idea of the book! Don't miss out on getting your story included!



21 July 2019

Renee at 2019 San Diego Comic Con Photo!

Renee attended the San Diego Comic Con...




16 July 2019

Renee To Host A SDCC Panel: Development to Deliverables: Insight into Production, Post & Distribution

ImageWOW this is awesome!! I would love to be at the SDCC for this panel. From Renee on Instagram:
Who is going to San Diego COMIC-CON, Friday, July 19th?

I am moderating the panel -Development to Deliverables: Insight into Production, Post & Distribution.
Room: Grand 6, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. 1:30-2:30.

We will chat about everything from developing content to prepping your production to post workflow and deliverables across multiple platforms, with Susan Spohr (Technicolor / Lucasfilm), Dawn Higginbotham (Morning Person Pictures / Lucasfilm), K. Eales (Warner Bros. / Lucasfilm) & Julian Moses (Twentieth Century Fox / Midnitemove Productions), and Natalie Ebnet (Chris Angel Mindfreak / Megalodon; Monster Shark Lives).



12 July 2019

Message From Renee About Steven Sears Joining Macbeth!

Renee posted a message on her official ROC Productions facebook page


and the screengrabs for those that can't view Facebook




10 July 2019

Macbeth Tickets Now Available!

Performances: October 11-November 3 on Thursday, Friday & Sundays
Tickets: VIP Deck $60, Front Row $40, General Admission $30
Student Tickets: General Admission $20, Use code 3WITCHES

After a victorious battle, Macbeth encounters three witches who prophesize that Macbeth is destined to be the King of Scotland. As the witches’ claims begin to come to fruition, Macbeth is overcome with greed. Driven by his secret ambition to be king and his wife’s thirst for power, Macbeth murders King Duncan; this begins a series of malicious and supernatural events that all lead towards his ultimate madness and death.

ticket fees apply to all purchases




3 July 2019

Photo: Steven And Renee Backstage In Annie!

Renee and Steven Sears backstage on the theatre production of Annie!