12 June 2019

Why Did AUSXIP Choose House of Bards To Support....

I've been asked why AUSXIP chose House of Bards Theatre Company as one of our charities. That's an interesting question. We live in a world that is increasingly become difficult and quite distressing. Storytellers have taken us out of our world and transported us as far as our imaginations and their storytelling could take us. As a storyteller / bard myself I have found this to be EXTREMELY important. It's why we buy books, watch movies, go to the theatre.

Many of you may be aware of Renee's work behind the scenes with young actors and how she has nutured them. She will take those young actors and will create extraordinary work. We need storytellers, we need people to nuture others fulfill their dreams.

That's why we chose House of Bards as one of our charities.

We have supported charities in the past that allowed young people to reach their potential (The Ellis Foundation), supported a children's hospital and still do (Starship Foundation), Adrienne Wilkinson's Families in Need Charity, Brittney's Bra Auction, AIDS LifeCycle Auction, Trevor Foundation, Frog conservation etc

The bottom line is we are doing this to make a difference in people's lives for the better. We will continue to support other charities and causes when the need arises.

Battle On!