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30 October 2009

Renee Confirmed for 2010 Xena Convention

Renee has confirmed she will be at the 2010 Xena Convention in LA on 5 Feb (she will be appearing on Friday 5 Feb with Lucy and on Sunday on her own plus photo ops).

This is the message that was sent out to Lucy's list by Sharon:


They've signed on and the announcement should be going out any moment now, so keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes. The webmaster is updating the convention website as we speak.

Lucy and Renee will do their duo spot on Friday and Lucy will do her solo spot that day. Renee will do her solo spot on Sunday as well as her photo ops and autographs.

For Tickets go to:



28 October 2009

Happy Halloween From Renee And Her Web Team!

Received the following from Andy at Team ROC and passing it along:

It's Andy Pinonfrom Diamonds and Gunsand October's Book Review(Zombie Survival Guide). Hope you all enjoyed October's Online Newsletter. I had a blast chatting with Renee about the Living Dead and how to defeatthem.
Renee and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and love for your support and encouragement. Many THANK YOU'S and Blessings to you all!!! 
We hope everyone gets a chance to check out our NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER. Some things to look forward to...
An interview with New York Playwright & United States of TaraWriter Sheila Callaghan
A book review with Producer/Screenwriter Dawn Higginbotham (Diamonds and Guns/Off The Ledge).
A delicious recipe for a COLD-FIGHTING Chicken Tortilla Soup. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
And a new 5-Ways short film about "Opportunity".
A very special Video Blog.
For those of you who haven't signed up for the online newsletter....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? :)
For less than the price of a non-matinee movie or two Venti Lattes at Starbucks ($10), you could be enjoying new RECIPES, INTERVIEWS, BOOK DISCUSSIONS, and more (Renee in a bikini).
 Confused?!? Excited!?! Curious?!?
 Go to



26 October 2009

AUSXIP Charity Auction Site Back Online

Hi folks,

After the AUSXIP Hacker Meltdown back in May, the auction site went kaboom and I had to bring up the backup ausxip auction site. After a short hiatus, it's now back to the AUSXIP Charity site with some new software and hopefully more secure site.

Click here to view

This is brand new so you will need to register again. The next auction is going to be Adrienne Wilkinson's Official Fan Club Charity Sale which is due in Mid November.

Click here to register

Click here for help pages

After the OAWFC Charity Sale, the next scheduled auction will be the huge AUSXIP Annual Auction to raise money for Starship and the ROC Outreach Fund. This will be in March 2010.

Many thanks!




21 October 2009

Words Unspoken at Upcoming Film Festivals

Gabsfan, on the AUSXIP Talking Xena Forum is keeping a list of all the film festivals that Renee's short film Words Unspoken is going to be shown at.

The road to forgiveness unfolds as a man searches his heart to help assist in his father's dying wish.

It is a spectacular short film written, directed and acted by Renee and a very talented cast.

Read My Review

For more about the film go to AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Words Unspoken subsite

Discuss the movie on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat



15 October 2009

Upcoming Photo Club Episode Stills - Friend In Need

6.jpgThe following message has been posted by Sharon regarding the next issue of the Official Xena Photo Club which has new episode stills for Friend In Need.

There's a couple there that I can go without ever seeing again but there are some gorgeous ones in particular #5 (Xena) and #6 (Gabrielle). #2 is a little disturbing and #4 a lot disturbing..hate that particular scene..despise it with a passion.

The message reads:

Photos From A Friend In Need

You have got to check out the Xena photo club for June and July. It's "A Friend In Need." I found some stunning shots of Lucy and Renee and also scenes we've never had stills from before. Take a peek.



6 October 2009

2010 Official Xena Calendars Pre-Order

XE-CAL2010Combo.jpgThe following announcement was sent out by Creation Entainment today:

It's time to place your order for the 2010 Official XENA CALENDARS! We have two super-cool calendars coming, each limited to an edition of 1,000. They are titled "The Journey Continues" and "A Life Together".

We have a special offer to those that purchase both calendars....

A FREE hand-signed autographed photo of a favorite Xena celebrity! You have a 25% chance of getting a Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor autographed photo. Other autographed photos include Claire Stansfield, Victoria Pratt, Adrienne Wilkinson, Jennifer Sky, or Britney Powell. EVERYONE WINS SOMETHING: so order today while our supplies last! THIS AUTOGRAPH BONUS OFFER ONLY IS AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER15!

Click here to order



6 October 2009

The (Changing) Role of the Sidekick

Received the following from Brent on The Torch Online about an article on Sidekicks (naturally Gabrielle is included). It's an interesting look at the role of the sidekick and from this I take it that Brent is a full on Gab fan...nothing wrong with that, some of my best friends are full on Gab Fans...<vbg>

Second Fiddle No More! The (Changing) Role of the Sidekick

In the wake of Sam, it seems that the sidekick-turned-hero angle is all the rage. The most obvious example that springs to mind from contemporary is, of course, Gabrielle, the Battling Bard, whose popularity threatens to outshine that of the hero, Xena. Throughout the six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess, we see as Gabrielle grows and changes from a feisty but physically weak farm girl into an accomplished warrior, inheriting Xena's place after her death.

Click here to read the full article



4 October 2009

Xena Episode Stills - Season 4 Ep 21 Ides of March

The Ides of March - one of my all time favourite episodes. Season 4 episode 21 - scanned two high res images that were initially from my collection. They were autographed by Lucy and Renee and sold at one of the AUSXIP Auctions. Click here to view all the images from this episdoe

Log Line:
Callisto returns to tempt Xena, as Caesar plans to declare himself emperor.

Montage #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 | Review | Screengrabs



4 October 2009

Renee Article - 'Fitful' films in Manistee Record Eagle

The following article is about Renee's movie Fitful - taken in part from the Traverse City Record Eagle - 03 October 2009:

'Fitful' films in Manistee

Rich Brauer's latest movie set is on historic ship



In a corner, the film's stars rehearsed lines. Blond-haired Renee
O'Connor, known for her role as Gabrielle on "Xena: Warrior Princess," was already dressed in her character's short-sleeved plaid blouse. A bearded Larry Joe Campbell, recognizable from his turn as Andy on the sitcom "According to Jim," wore soil-streaked coveralls with slightly
frayed cuffs.

"Fitful" follows O'Connor as Paula, an inspector for the historic trust who visits an old ship after Vigs, the vessel's "self-appointed caretaker" played by Campbell, files an application for historical status. Car trouble requires Paula to stay overnight on the ship, which leads to the creepiness that makes the film "a very, very dark comedy" filled with suspense, Brauer said.

During a break from filming, the two actors discussed the film and its setting. Campbell said the old ship provided an authentic backdrop that couldn't be recreated.

"I feel this ship dictated the tone of the performance. The script actually has a lot of comedy," said O'Connor, who called the ferry the film's "third character."


At one point in the dialogue, O'Connor delivered the line "What was that?" Just then, accidentally on-cue, a distant whistle sounded.

"That's a train," Campbell improvised in a dead-pan response. The crew cracked up.


O'Connor learned of the project through an agency Brauer used. She found the piece to be "cleverly written," and Brauer thought she brought the perfect mix of beauty and toughness to the part.

"Renee is this little person who you could believe could try to tackle the dark side that might be facing her," he said.


Read Entire Article

News submitted by Barbara Davies
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