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25 November 2009

Ark Director on Filmnut 2 December 2009

The following was posted by FilmNut on AUSXIP ROC Chat:

Since the last ROC interview on Filmnut I have been in touch on and off with Trey to wait for the best time (re: Ark) to have him on the show... I emailed him for the first time in a while the other day to see how it was going and he said my timing was perfect! Sounds like good news for Ark! You can watch the interview (and get the latest updates) live a week from today, Wednesday December 2nd at 8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern... As always you can instant message in questions during the interview and watch it on:

If you miss it live I will post a link to it here the next day...

Also you can try posting an advance question for Trey here:

Happy Thanksgiving guys!...


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18 November 2009

Diamonds and Guns Video Clips on IMDb

Two clips from Renee's movie Words Unspoken have been uploaded to IMDb.


dag1.jpgDiamonds and Guns

Diamonds and Guns (2008) (2)



18 November 2009

Words Unspoken Video Clips on IMDb

Two clips from Renee's movie Words Unspoken have been uploaded to IMDb.

wordsclip1.jpgWords Unspoken

Words Unspoken (2009) (2)



    12 November 2009

    Fitful Movie Video Excerpt Now Online

    Renee has posted an excerpt from her new movie Fitful which is due for release in 2010. Renee has asked that this video NOT be posted on YouTube or any other site so please respect that wish.

    Click here to watch it on Renee's site



    12 November 2009

    ROC Video - 5 Ways To Save Face

    saveface2.jpgRenee has posted a short clip that is just too funny. This was originally part of Renee's ROC Member Club video library and is a sample of what you will get when you join for $10.00 per month.

    5 Ways To Save Face.... I just found this whole video hysterical...
    Click here to watch video



    12 November 2009

    A Video Intro by Renee For Her ROC Member Club

    reneevideo1.jpgIf you have been wondering what exactly you will be seeing as part of Renee's video club, Renee has posted a few clips to get a glimpse. Check them out

    Click here for the video intro



    1 November 2009

    Message from Renee about November Newsletter!

    HTML clipboard Renee has posted a new message about her subscriber newsletter - subscribe to it for $10 a month and you get all sorts of goodies like interviews, pics, here

    The Fall Season is upon us, and as you pull on a sweater and look for your turkey recipes, think about a few of the questions we have presented in our current newsletter: "What is your Life's Purpose?"; "Where do you find Fulfillment?"; "What do you do with a Gift of Opportunity?".
     Sheila Callaghan from "United States of Tara" (Writer), and Dawn Higginbotham from " Off the Ledge " (Writer/Producer) join me this month. They are both professional, creative writers who hope to inspire many of you. I hope you can watch all our videos in one sitting and find there are questions will resonate with you long after the videos are over.
     Enjoy! My best for you, Renee