6 October 2009

The (Changing) Role of the Sidekick

Received the following from Brent on The Torch Online about an article on Sidekicks (naturally Gabrielle is included). It's an interesting look at the role of the sidekick and from this I take it that Brent is a full on Gab fan...nothing wrong with that, some of my best friends are full on Gab Fans...<vbg>

Second Fiddle No More! The (Changing) Role of the Sidekick

In the wake of Sam, it seems that the sidekick-turned-hero angle is all the rage. The most obvious example that springs to mind from contemporary is, of course, Gabrielle, the Battling Bard, whose popularity threatens to outshine that of the hero, Xena. Throughout the six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess, we see as Gabrielle grows and changes from a feisty but physically weak farm girl into an accomplished warrior, inheriting Xena's place after her death.

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