4 October 2009

Renee Article - 'Fitful' films in Manistee Record Eagle

The following article is about Renee's movie Fitful - taken in part from the Traverse City Record Eagle - 03 October 2009:

'Fitful' films in Manistee

Rich Brauer's latest movie set is on historic ship



In a corner, the film's stars rehearsed lines. Blond-haired Renee
O'Connor, known for her role as Gabrielle on "Xena: Warrior Princess," was already dressed in her character's short-sleeved plaid blouse. A bearded Larry Joe Campbell, recognizable from his turn as Andy on the sitcom "According to Jim," wore soil-streaked coveralls with slightly
frayed cuffs.

"Fitful" follows O'Connor as Paula, an inspector for the historic trust who visits an old ship after Vigs, the vessel's "self-appointed caretaker" played by Campbell, files an application for historical status. Car trouble requires Paula to stay overnight on the ship, which leads to the creepiness that makes the film "a very, very dark comedy" filled with suspense, Brauer said.

During a break from filming, the two actors discussed the film and its setting. Campbell said the old ship provided an authentic backdrop that couldn't be recreated.

"I feel this ship dictated the tone of the performance. The script actually has a lot of comedy," said O'Connor, who called the ferry the film's "third character."


At one point in the dialogue, O'Connor delivered the line "What was that?" Just then, accidentally on-cue, a distant whistle sounded.

"That's a train," Campbell improvised in a dead-pan response. The crew cracked up.


O'Connor learned of the project through an agency Brauer used. She found the piece to be "cleverly written," and Brauer thought she brought the perfect mix of beauty and toughness to the part.

"Renee is this little person who you could believe could try to tackle the dark side that might be facing her," he said.


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