27 July 2019

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World - Renee O'Connor and Adrienne Wilkinson

I had the golden opportunity on my recent trip to the US for the Xenite Retreat to attend Renee's Uncle Vanya performance in San Pedro (it was FABULOUS to see Renee perform live).

In addition I caught up with the amazing Adrienne Wilkinson at the Xenite Retreat! It was such a treat. While there I took the opportunity to take a long the Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Journal (the 25th Anniversary wasn't ready yet so we did a little improvising). There will be some of the journals available at the 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction in September!


Have you submitted your story on how #Xena Changed Your Life? You have until Dec 31, 2019! - Renee O'Connor & Adrienne Wilkinson love the idea of the book! Don't miss out on getting your story included!