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27 April 2012

Renee Movie Darkman II: The Return of Durant Movie to Rent and Trailer

YouTube now has movies to rent and they have Renee's movie "Darkman II: The Return of Durant" available.


Darkman II: The Return of Durant

Darkman is up to his old tricks. He's robbing from the criminals and keeping for himself so he can further perfect his synthetic skin which dissolves after 99 minutes in the light. His old arch-nemesis, Robert Durrant (Larry Drake) returns, having survived the helicopter crash in the first film. Durant attempts to rebuild his crumbling empire by devising a new particle gun to sell on the market. After Durant kills a young scientist for his warehouse, Darkman goes on a rampage, vowing to destroy Durant once and for all. Darkman concocts masks of his enemies and infiltrates Durant's gang, turning everyone on themselves. This sequel is above the typical direct-to-video quality and director May has captured Raimi's comic-book style, but the energy that propelled the original is sorely missing here. Welcome back is Drake who once again astonishes with a gleefully maniacal performance, rightfully stealing the show. Replacing the title character is Arnold Vosloo, who coolly plays Darkman without the enraged melodramatics Liam Neeson brought to his portrayal of the tormented hero. This sequel was actually filmed after Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die but was released on video first despite the fact that Universal thought it looked good enough to release into theaters.







27 April 2012

Bitch Slap Movie on Blu-Ray on 10 July 2012

The movie Bitch Slap will be released on Blu-Ray on 10 July 2012. Renee did a cameo in the movie with her Xena co-star Lucy Lawless.  Renee was Sister Batril and Lucy was Mother Superior in a Catholic convent.

The movie was directed by Rick Jacobson and starred Julia Voth, Erin Cummings and America Olivo. You can pre-order the Blu-Ray from

Here is the video of Lucy (Mother Superior) and Renee (Sister Batril)


There is also a hysterical "interview" with Mother Superior and Sister Batril. Please note: don't drink anything while you are watching this. These are just too funny esp around 1:38 into the clip.



26 April 2012

Photos of Renee and Jed at On Location Memphis Film Festival

Renee and Jed attended the On Location Memphis Film Festival last weekend where INFINITY won the Short Film Fan Favorite Award. Pictures of Renee and Jed are now online


Image634711022832509766Available on Facebook


Image634711023404697266Click here to view larger image

Image634711029055478516Click here to view larger image


Link submitted by Barbara Davies



24 April 2012

Infinity Movie News Update: Infinity Wins Short Film Fan Favourite Award

Image634709403339218750Gabsfan has sent in the following news about Infinity:

Dawn Higginbotham's (one of film's producers) Facebook page, , INFINITY won the Short Film Fan Favorite Award at the On Location Memphis Film Festival this past weekend and there is a photo of Randy Crowder accepting the award.

In other news related to the movie, the following appeared on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat:

"Hey gang, INFINITY has been selected for the fabulous Catalina Film Festival, May 4-6 on lovely Santa Catalina Island. This fest is a blast and a great get-a-way weekend. Hope to see you there. Check out their website: or on facebook @ Catalina film festival." ~ Randy Crowder

Source: AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat



22 April 2012

German TV Serien Highlights Magazine + Translation July 2009

German TV Serien Highlights Magazine
July 2009

Translated by Petra

Translation Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap

Do you remember Renee O’Connor? Once she was the sidekick of Xena, then she was seen as a single mother (Renee is a mother of a son and a daughter) in the short film One Weekend a Month, with Bruce Campbell in Alien Apocalypse, in Ghost Town The Movie and as Dr. Jessica Ryan in Boogeyman 2. In 2008 she had a guest-starring role in Criminal Minds, and shoots the comedy Diamonds and Guns, and soon she saves as Dr. Ava Greenway in Monster Ark the whole world. You should be really excited to watch Bitch Slap, because here they are all again united: Renee O’Connor (as sister Batrill), Lucy Lawless (as Mother Superior), Kevin Sorbo (as Mr. Phoenix) and Michael Hurst (as Gage).

Click here to view more Renee O'Connor Article



21 April 2012

AUSXIP & Legendary Heroes DVD Giveaway Winner Announced


Our friends at Legendary Heroes approached me back in March about this wonderful giveaway to the Xena fans. As most of you know there was the AUSXIP Charity Auction that going to start and it was decided that we didn't want it to clash so the giveaway was held back. We were giving away one Xena Warrior Princess DVD Set from Legendary Heroes, which includes ALL SIX seasons (plus bonus content) of Xena's adventures.



The winner of this set is Van Lord! Congratulations Van and thank you to Legendary Heroes for this special prize.



20 April 2012

MaryD's Xena Episode Review: To Helicon and Back

Image634706186414433594This review has taken a long time to come; in fact To Helicon and Back is the only Xena episode I have never watched until today. First let's start with the necessary info about this episode

To Helicon & Back  Episode Review by MaryD
Season 6 Episode 15

Rating: 6/10

SCRIBES & SCROLLS: Written by Liz Friedman and Vanessa Place.

Directed by Michael Hurst. Edited by Robert Field.

PASSING PARADE: Tsianina Joelson (Varia); Craig Parker (Bellerophon); Morgan Reese Fairhead (Cyane); Kirstie O'Sullivan (Gwyn-Teir); Madeleie Sami (Tyro); Marise Wipani (Kanae); Michelle Blanchard (Mawu-Ka).

DISCLAIMER: No shark bait was harmed during the making of this motion picture.

STORY SO FAR: Gabrielle leads the Amazons into battle against Bellerophon, son of Artemis, who is seeking vengeance against the tribe over his mother’s death.

View Episode StillsMaryD's ArtSheryl-Lee Kerr Review | Screen grabs

I was looking forward to this episode because it was the only one I hadn't seen so I settled on this weekend as being the best time to see it. I did something I never do and that is live tweet an episode. That was interesting.

Some thoughts to ponder:

Xena taking a back seat to all of this from the first scene towards the end of the scene was not to my liking; I want the Big X to lead; it's her natural way of being. She let Gabrielle lead and I have to say I just didn't enjoy Gab leading and being so bloodthirsty. So much so that she was racing after a soldier who was trying to escape from her. She was ready to kill him and would have, had not Xena called her out. Hello? Where has our Gabrielle gone? A killing machine? I accept her as such when she is defending Xena in Ides of March (I welcomed it because she was defending a defenseless Xena) but defending a group of women she didn't know all because she was an Amazon? Don't buy it.

When Gabrielle was giving her Amazon rally the troops, the look on Xena's faced mirrored my reaction. Not good at all. The words were coming out of Gabrielle's mouth but it was like Pod Gabrielle that I was watching. When did the Amazons become her focus and not Xena?

Watching Renee fighting as Gabrielle with both sais is ALWAYS impressive. I did enjoy that.

Watching Lucy fight as Xena is never dull and she had some great scenes; she did cop a hammering for her love in this episode but it was for the greater good: her greater good was Gabrielle and always would be. Gabrielle forgot who her greater good is in this episode.

It's been a long time Xenaverse in-joke that Xena only got sliced on one arm; always the same arm for 6 seasons..until this ep where she got sliced in both arms. (we won't talk about FIN 2).

I was appalled at Gabrielle's action of feeding the injured Amazon to the shark. REALLY? It was only after the shark did Gabrielle ask if it was honourable. A bit late for that Gabrielle. I was wondering why Xena risked her life to save the redheaded Amazon (now isn't that the ultimate in the redshirts of all redshirts?) and bring her to safety when she didn't do that for any of the others. It was for shark bait later on..those writers, you just need to watch what they do!

What truly astounded me was Xena giving her "end of cycling of killing" chat to Bellerophon while Gabrielle was killing a soldier in the background! That was just one of the most incredible scenes in this show for me. Gone are the days when Xena knelt in the moonlight and begged the Gods to save Gabrielle's innocence. Gone were the days when Gabrielle urged Xena to end the cycle of violence. It was out of Xena's mouth that those words came out while Gabrielle was killing in the background.  Smack in the head amazing.

I think I might go watch In Sickness and In Hell or A Tale of Two Muses for the sheer joy of it. Love watching Xena and Gabrielle dancing always perks me up.

Battle On!




17 April 2012

AUSXIP Charity Auction Final Tally: $21,000 for Starship

$21,000. No that is not a typo. At the end of the AUSXIP Charity Auction on 27 March, the amount pledged via winning biddings came out to $20,022. Now that is a mind blowing figure to begin with. Double and then some of last year's auction amount raised for Starship of $9500.

I received the latest spreadsheet from Starship this morning from Jenni, the wonderful lady at Starship who I have been working with on this. In addition to the winning bids there has been just under $1000 given as donations.

Lucy Lawless is amazed and sent in the following message on 2 April 2012

To Mary and the fans: I have been very remiss...

In not expressing my humblest thanks for all your kindness to the Starship Foundation over the past weeks (and years). You raising over $20,000 for Starship this past week shocked me. Mary, you, your posse and the greater Xenaverse have challenged my own view on my career and it's place in the world.

I honestly just took the role of Xena because the chips fell my way. Ren and I acted the words that someone else put in our mouths and wore the costumes given us. We were paid pretty well for that time and we were grateful. But, and I think Ren would agree, we NEVER foresaw the kind of community spirit that has long survived the show itself. How could we? I do not believe there has ever been a precedent for this kind of fandom.

The Xena fans are beyond generous, beyond loving and ever faithful. No wonder Bill Shatner filmed the last Con. (When's that out, by the way?) Because of your Kindness to the Starship Foundation, the sickest children of NZ have been the recipient of so much love from afar. Please rest assured that every penny is appreciated and thoughtfully spent. Brad and his team are worthy members of our team.

I love you all! I wish you peace and laughter all the days of your life,

Yours truly,

Lucy Lawless

Starship is amazed. - Read Brad Clark, CEO of Starship, message to the fans on 30 March 2012

On behalf of Starship kids and families from all over New Zealand who will benefit from your support - a huge Starship Foundation thanks to all the winners and bidders in the recent Lucy/Xena memorabilia auction!
- Brad Clark,
CEO Starship Foundation

EVERYONE is amazed (myself included)

Thank you to everyone who donated, who bid, who won and who supported. I know it's not possible without your support, without the support of the actors/writers who gave of their time and energy.

It is also not possible without the support of my right hand, Roger who has been with me on this since September 2006 when the idea surfaced and Christa who also gives of her time and energy.

Thanks everyone.

Battle On!




7 April 2012

Highlights From Renee's Message to Official FB Page

Barbara Davies has posted on the AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat forum the highlights of Renee's message to her official FB page (which is now closed to new "friends" and it's not a fan page)

Renee posted a message on her FB page, the gist of which is:

- she has been busy preparing for her awareness seminars, which start in London this May
- there will be new 5 ways videos starting in June
- she will be attending the OnLocation Memphis Film festival in April (to support Infinity)
- Infinity will also be shown at the Catalina Film festival in May

You can discuss this on ROC Chat here



6 April 2012

Renee's Favourite Top 10 Books Featured on AUSXIP Charity Auction

During the recent AUSXIP Charity Auction we had a special item courtesy of Renee which was her top 10 favourite books (it was actually top 11). Renee contributed the list for our 2011 auction but it got to me a little late and it wasn't included in the 2011 auction but held back for the 2012 auction. At the 2012 auction it was partnered with an Amazon Kindle Fire and won by Rosa. Rosa has graciously offered to allow all Renee fans the chance to read the list.

This is the list of books

Thank you to Rosa for giving this to all Renee fans to enjoy.



4 April 2012

Xena Radio Now Live!

I found the idea of a Xena Radio show quite fascinated and ask Ron to tell more about it. See below and go and visit. I do love unique sites that go outside the box.

Lucy Lawless is a talented actress and singer. Her angelic voice along with the Emmy Award winning XWP soundtrack is celebrated on the newly launched – Xena Radio.

Additional content includes original show promos, classic quotes, and Xenite requests for some of today’s hottest hits. Broadcasting around the clock, Xena Radio is a steady online companion when you’re on the computer at home or at work. And you can take your warrior princess soundtrack on the go with a friendly app for your iPhone or Android.

Future features include: Xenite Playlist Spotlight – where Xenites can share their individual taste in music. Cast & Crew Playlist Spotlight – where they can share what gets their groove on. And the ambitious goal is to pick up where FIN left off. The dream is to produce a weekly radio drama series continuing the adventures of the beloved Xena and Gabrielle.

Twitter @XenaRadio



3 April 2012

Boogeyman 2 with Renee O'Connor on German TV

Image634691147007343750Petra from  Germany sends me the following update:

Boogeyman 2, on Sunday 8th April at 1:10a.m. on RTL 2 (German TV).

The movie centers on a young woman with a long-term phobia of the boogeyman, who voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears. However, much to her horror, she discovers that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action. Production is scheduled to mid January in Los Angeles.

You can see more Renee screencaptures from the movie on AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Boogeyman2 Movie subsite



3 April 2012

Xena Warrior Princess Legendary Heroes Season 1-6 DVD Set Giveaway


Our friends at Legendary Heroes approached me a few weeks ago about this wonderful giveaway to the Xena fans. As most of you know there was the AUSXIP Charity Auction that going to start and it was decided that we didn't want it to clash so the giveaway was held back until today! It's limited to those from the mainland states (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) and not overseas.

So today I'm very stoked to announce the Xena Warrior Princess DVD Set giveaway!

We’re giving away one Xena Warrior Princess DVD Set from Legendary Heroes, which includes ALL SIX seasons (plus bonus content) of Xena’s adventures.

Score the entire set by emailing us using the  AUSXIP DVD Giveaway Form with your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Sweepstakes Rules:

THE SWEEPSTAKES ENDS APRIL 20, 2012, at which point the winner will be selected randomly.  Please note that this contest is limited to those from the mainland states (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thanks and good luck!



Includes ALL 6 Seasons of Xena Warrior Princess plus Xena 10th Anniversary DVD Collection
Valued at $129 USD

Showcased within a 54-disc, library-quality boxed set, each individually preserved season includes Xena's extraordinary adventures uncut and commercial free, plus countless hours of exclusive season-specific bonus material, like Lost Scenes, Series Trivia, Photo Galleries, and more.
Starring: Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Adrienne Wilkinson, Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith
Release Date: 07/26/2005
Director: Mark Beesley, Eric Brevig
Runtime: 6312 Minutes
Rating: Not Rated
DVD Features

  • 51 disc set featuring all 134 episodes plus three bonus CD-ROMs
  • Alternative director's cuts plus special featurettes, bloopers, audio commentary, and interviews
  • Fully remastered in the original full frame presentations
  • All-new Dolby Surround 5.1
  • Bonus CD-ROMs includes trivia, Xena chronicles, extensive production designs & sketches, actor, writer and director bios



2 April 2012

AUSXIP Charity Auction Update 03 April 2012

Hey folks, did everyone see the Lucy message last night? Amazing what this fandom can achieve. We can move mountains and your generosity just proves we can achieve fantastic things. If you didn't win an item and would like to be part of the AUSXIP Charity Auction amazing total of $20,022 then you can donate as well.

Click here to read Lucy's messageClick here to read Starship CEO Brad Clark message

If you have not paid yet - click here How to PayDonate

Good news is that last week Jenni from Starship sent me the spreadsheet of payments and over the weekend, I matched it to the spreadsheet that I had. 90% of payments have been made. I think that's a record and even Jenni commented on how fast payments have flooded in! Imagine a sea of donations just streaming into Starship - in two days they got $15,716.67! How's that for a mental image. Now that is a lot of dinars!

This week shipments will commence if you have paid up till 30 March. I received another spreadsheet this morning from Jenni and will process them. We are running into Easter which means the next spreadsheet will come on Thursday and then we go into Good Friday and the Easter break. Starship takes a break then so if you haven't sent in your payment please do so before Thursday (or Wednesday US date) so I can get the info and process it.

If you won multiple items - the items may be in several locations (either in Sydney with me, in Seattle, in Los Angeles and a few other places where fans have donated and will ship out). We will try and combine items for shipping but sometimes that isn't possible so they will come in multiple packages.

You all know one of my favourite quotes is by Helen Keller:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

You guys prove it each and every time! This fandom runs on love.

Battle On!