22 April 2012

German TV Serien Highlights Magazine + Translation July 2009

German TV Serien Highlights Magazine
July 2009

Translated by Petra

Translation Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap

Do you remember Renee O’Connor? Once she was the sidekick of Xena, then she was seen as a single mother (Renee is a mother of a son and a daughter) in the short film One Weekend a Month, with Bruce Campbell in Alien Apocalypse, in Ghost Town The Movie and as Dr. Jessica Ryan in Boogeyman 2. In 2008 she had a guest-starring role in Criminal Minds, and shoots the comedy Diamonds and Guns, and soon she saves as Dr. Ava Greenway in Monster Ark the whole world. You should be really excited to watch Bitch Slap, because here they are all again united: Renee O’Connor (as sister Batrill), Lucy Lawless (as Mother Superior), Kevin Sorbo (as Mr. Phoenix) and Michael Hurst (as Gage).

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