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31 January 2011

Renee’s New Movie Infinity Shown At The Xena Con

Renee has a new movie called Infinity coming out soon and she shared a clip from the movie at the convention. Infinity is about a family and how they deal with the father who has suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after coming home from Iraq.

Horseredhead from AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat describes the movie as “Incredibly dark, shocking, sad and unfortunately very realistic in that things happening in the film really do happen in real life even though it's not based on a true story. It was written by Barry Bostwick, he and Trey were both at the con.”

There is a discussion about the movie on AUSXIP TX ROC Chat



31 January 2011

Renee At 2011 Xena Convention - Photos!

AfterEllen has posted KT's gorgeous photos of Renee from the convention today. Here are a sample of them (larger sizes on the AfterEllen site)


Check out more pics and news on AfterEllen



30 January 2011

Renee Interview With Star Scoop On Beyond The Farthest Star


Renee is interviewed by The Star Scoop on the upcoming Beyond The Farthest Star movie:

One film we're excited about this year is Beyond the Farthest Star, which stars Renee O'Connor. Beyond the Farthest Star is a story where "a twist of fate brings the national spotlight to a forgotten Texas town and a once famous preacher has an opportunity to regain his former glory or seize one last chance to restore his fractured family."

Producer Ben Dane tells us it's a "universal story that reaches all's so relatable. Everyone has family struggles." O'Connor's character, Maureen Wells, struggles with a 17 year secret that she's held from her family. Says Dane, "The performances are so powerful. Wait until you see Renee. She's amazing."

We're thrilled about the stellar quality of actors involved and we talked with one of the movie's stars (not to mention one of our most popular interviewees), Renee O'Connor, to learn more about the film, her role and what she's up to next.

Read Interview

You can join in the discussion with other Renee fans about the interview on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat

-- News contributed by Gabsfan / TX ROC Chat



30 January 2011

New Xena and Gabrielle Artwork by LouLou


Added new artwork by LouLou of Xena and Gabrielle from A Friend In Need Part 2.


Click here to view larger artwork

and if you haven't caught up with the latest Lucy Lawless interview at starpulse - Lucy would have liked to have ended the show this way



28 January 2011

Pictures of Renee From Fitful (Deadrise) Movie Set


Joahna Carol took photos during the filming of Fitful (which now seems to have been renamed Deadrise). On her personal website there are loads of pictures, and some of the ones in her Random Photos 1 album seem to have been taken during her time on Fitful.

Renee Photos: #1 #2 #3 / Main site located here

-- Barbara Davies



28 January 2011

2011 Xena Con - The FUN begins!


The day has arrived and the herd has migrated to Los Angeles - some through heavy snowstorms - to attend our Xena mecca.

The AUSXIP gang is there (minus me) and will be reporting in with news, pics and other assorted goodies.

I heard great stuff happened at the VIP Cocktail party that Adrienne was hosting to raise money for charity which was just awesome!

KTL sent me a report from Thursday's meetup and you can now read it on the 2011 Xena Convention Page.

Stay tuned as news filters through I'll be posting!



27 January 2011

Message From Renee For Convention Attendees

Creation Entertainment sent out the following note from Renee regarding the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention which starts tomorrow

SPECIAL ADVANCE TIP: DO NOT MISS RENEE'S STAGE APPEARANCE AS SHE HAS SOMETHING REALLY FUN PLANNED that YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS! ALSO, we have a special message from Renee about her workshop (which you can get tickets for at registration on Friday):

Hello Friends!

I have an incredible passion for bringing about the deep inner awareness I see in others, and helping people to trust this inner sense, allowing it to be the guide on a moment to moment basis. This work is a personal journey I have been on for the past seven years now, allowing me to see my desire to activate it even more on a global scale. My introduction class at the Xena convention is a mere glimpse into the deeper work we facilitate now around the world. If you choose to participate in this class, I do ask that you join the peer process created in the room, as Awareness works when we can recognize our willingness to look inward, deeply and honestly. I hope to see you there!

With Love,



26 January 2011

Convention Countdown Begins...


Okay the convention page is ready..the fans are all migrating over to Los Angeles from all over the world. I'm not going (boo hiss..*sigh*) but there will be AUSXIP staff over at the con to cover the exciting stuff so pics and reports should be flowing by Friday night (or sooner).

The convention page is primed and ready for news and pics

The guest list (minus Lucy this year):

- Renee O'Connor,
- Brittney Powell,
- Jacqueline Kim
- Hudson Leick
- Michael Hurst
- Jennifer Ward-Lealand
- Claire Stansfield
- Melinda Clarke
- Charles Mesure
- Charles Keating
- Steven L. Sears
- Ted Raimi
- Katherine Fugate
- David Franklin

Spartacus Panel
- Steven DeKnight
- Rick Jacobson

Tickets can be found on Creation's website



24 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Official Artwork

Creation has updated their official 2011 Xena Convention page with the following graphic for the 2011 Xena Con.


Click here to view larger version



21 January 2011

Xena Returning to Australian TV in February 2011


Our favourite warrior and her bard are back on Australian network TV. A decade ago Xena was on channel 10 where they sliced and diced the show. The show was able to be seen in on reruns on Foxtel Cable on TV1 for a long time but now she's back on network TV. This time she's on 7Mate - the new digital channel by Channel 7 which is catered towards guys (can't figure out how Xena figures into this unless it's the leather and blue eyes that gets them <g>) has posted the following info regarding the return:

Another classic TV show is coming to 7mate: Xena Warrior Princess. Xena begins on 7mate at 3pm Thur Feb 3, and continues 3pm daily. It will also be on at 3am from Monday (morning) Feb 7.

News submitted by Adam



16 January 2011

New Renee as Gabrielle Artwork by Klippart

Added new Renee / Gabrielle related artwork by Klippart.


Click here to view the gallery



9 January 2011

Fanfic Art - New Cover by Calli - The Jess & Dev Tales


I absolutely love this story by Missy Good so Calli created a cover for it! Many thanks to Calli for the cover.

Click here to view cover and read parts 1 - 4 of this ongoing story

The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper. There are no good or bad guys.

Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side. Has a somewhat slave status and no one really wants them around but is given to Agent Drake who is arm twisted into giving it a try.



5 January 2011

Renee Movie Stills - 2010 Moby Dick


Added three high resolution movie stills from the movie "2010 Moby Dick" to the Movie Stills Gallery

Click here to view images



4 January 2011

Xenaverse Art Gallery - New Artist: Klippart


Updated the Xenaverse Art Gallery with a new artist: Klippart. Check out Klipp's fantastic Xena and Gabrielle artwork.

Her two new artworks are "The Stare" and "Through The Years" which have not been posted before whilst the others are older pieces.


Click here to view them all!



3 January 2011

Renee Short Film - Infinity Poster


This poster looks interesting. It's from Renee's short film Infinity

Credited cast:
Renée O'Connor ... Elizabeth
Pat Crawford Brown ... Edith
Jed Sura ... David
Stephanie Sheh ... Teri
Andrew Pinon ... Clergyman
DeAnna N.J. Brooks ... Duty Nurse
Iris Sura O'Connor ... Chelsea

Visit IMDb Page | View Larger Poster

It's a short film produced by Renee's ROC Pictures and Renee acts in it. The short film was written and directed by Randy Crowder who played the father in Words Unspoken. Renee said it will be making the film festival rounds next year. Read More

AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies
Additional Information: Gabsfan



1 January 2011

2009 and 2010 Xena Conventions on DVD Now Available

How cool is this - the 2009 and 2010 Xena Conventions are now available from Creation Entertainment



You can now order the 2 Disc DVD set at Creation