3 October 2010

New Renee Short Film - Infinity

The following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat by Gabsfan:

A couple months ago, Sharon said Renee directed and acted in a short film this summer. I don't know if she was talking about a different film or if she described Renee's role incorrectly however.....

In the October ROC Cellar segment on her Video Channel, we get to see the behind the scenes of a short film called, "Infinity." It's a short film produced by Renee's ROC Pictures and Renee acts in it. The short film was written and directed by Randy Crowder who played the father in Words Unspoken. Renee said it will be making the film festival rounds next year.

I don't know exactly what it's about but in the behind the scenes video, we see them preparing for a scene with Renee playing a woman in a sick or possibly her death bed. She also mentioned they needed a location that looked like a Garden of Eden. She seemed very enthusiastic about the film. She said she liked that it showed how the choices we make can affect everything. She also liked the twist at the end.

"Infinity" sounds like a great film and I hope I get to see it at some point. The behind the scenes clip was really interesting but I like that kind of stuff and of course, I like any videos that involve Renee.

Renee said the film was shot in July. I presume it was done just before she did Moby Dick. Man, Renee had a busy summer

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