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19 December 2009

Help Nominate Renee for a Streamy Award!

ImageThe following is from Filmnut host Jeff Schubert:

The second annual streamy awards are now open to nominations... The Streamys are still new but are the only recognized awards show for content on the web and had a lot of recognizable stars in its first year so I expect it to be even better in 2010. I nominated Renee for best guest star on a web series (Filmnut of course)... if you would like to do the same, go here:

The details can be found in this topic by Filmnut Host Jeff Schubert on ROC Chat:

You can vote once a day until the January 22, 2010 nomination voting deadline.

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18 December 2009

Renee Attends "Fitful" Premiere

ImageThe newest Brauer Productions independent feature Fitful played to a sold out audience Wednesday night at the Traverse City State Theatre. Both stars of the film, Actors Larry Joe Campbell and Renee O'Connor, flew in from Los Angeles to attend the event.

"The fact that 600 people turned out to watch our movie the week before Christmas is another testament to just how supportive of film this community is. A big part of the reason I have been able to keep making films is this amazing place and the people I share it with," said Brauer.

Michael Moore introduced the film and Brauer, O'Connor and Campbell fielded questions from the audience and talked about their experiences making the movie after the showing. Read More

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11 December 2009

"FitFul" To Premiere On 16 December 2009

ImageTRAVERSE CITY -- Director and writer Rich Brauer is letting his hometown have the first look at his latest film.

"Fitful," a dark comedy/suspense movie starring Larry Joe Campbell and Renee O'Connor, will screen at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 16 at the State Theatre in downtown Traverse City. The movie was filmed this fall, with many scenes taking place on board the historic ship S.S. City of Milwaukee in Manistee.

"That's the fun thing about this. When you do a movie in a community, the community likes to look at the movie because of all the landmarks," Brauer said.

But the ship audiences will see in the movie has been transformed with "dramatic camera work" and lighting that turns it into a creepy setting that matches the actors' skillful performances, he said.



7 December 2009

Renee Interviews Claire Stansfield - ROC Member Club

According to Renee in the December Talking With section of her ROC Members Newsletter, next month, January, she will be Talking With Claire Stansfield. She said she'll be talking to Claire about the development and sale of her successful t-shirt business.

Knowing Claire and Renee, I'll bet it will be a fun interview.

If you aren't a ROC Member yet, you can join at:

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3 December 2009

Renee in Behind The Scenes on Fitful

ImageThe following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat and it's a video of still images from the set of Renee's movie "Fitful"

Tracey Kukla-Aleshire tweeted about a new scene from Fitful which can be found here, at their blog. But if you pay attention to this page you'll see it says View "a day on the set" photo montage.
You can see tons of Renée images from the shooting, including some shots of little Iris.

Click here to view the video

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