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25 August 2009

Lunch With Renee in 2010

If seems Renee had such a lovely time with the fans in Brazil she's thinking of doing another lunch in 2010 with either the Brits or the Germans!

The following was posted on AUSXIP TX ROC Chat by Smutterly1

LaurenC has been asked by Renee to post a question on ROC's Fan Club Forum about
another possible 'Lunch with Renee' in either London or Berlin in summer 2010!!

I guess we need to stay tuned or go over to Renee's Forum to find out what the latest is!



22 August 2009

Renee On Guest List For Toronto International Film Festival

Renee has been added to the guest list for the 34th Toronto International Film Festival - running September 10-19, 2009. The festival has completed its program, with 271 features and 64 shorts from 64 countries to screen over the ten-day event. That total marks 22 more feature films than last year, and 72% of the feature films are world, international, or North American premieres.

Her name appears on The's site as part of the guest list.

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21 August 2009

Words Unspoken Semi Finalist At Moondance Film Festival

Words Unspoken has been selected as a semi finalist in the Short Narrative Film section!
Check it out here

What is the Moondance Mission?

Our objective for this competition and film festival is to promote and encourage screenwriters and independent filmmakers, and the best work in stage plays, radio plays, TV scripts, musical scores, lyrics, librettos, musical videos, & short stories. Moondance provides a forum in which those creative, talented & dedicated artists can have the opportunity for their work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the international film community.

Moondance promotes, encourages, educates and rewards non-violent conflict resolution in the arts & film. Our much-coveted Columbine Awards are given to the film-makers &/or writers who best depict alternatives to violence as a method of dealing with conflicts, whether personal, local, national or international, and/or show why violence as a solution to conflict is ultimately counter-productive and inhumane.

Our mission is to entertain, to inform, to inspire, to encourage and to educate. We believe that films and scripts can contribute to a healthier society and that films and scripts should encourage the active involvement of audiences to connect and act collectively to address social challenges. Winning and finalist films and scripts are innovative, distinctive, compelling and engaging, relevant to varied audiences and encourage participation. We are eager to continue to be one of the most important film festivals in the world by being innovative, risk-taking, and open to new thinking, new concepts, new talent, and new ways of telling stories.

Our work on reaching out toward women film-makers and women writers everywhere in the world is primary and ongoing. Women writers and film-makers from all six continents, and from a wide diversity of ethnic and linguistic groups are an integral part of our mission and goals. We seek to inspire and invigorate this creative potential of women to perceive, conceptualize, and produce their works for the benefit of the world society. We are dedicated to preserving their accumulated accomplishments and visions as expressed through the art of film and writings. Read More



17 August 2009

Ark The Series Subsite Back Online

  Ark The Series subsite on AUSXIP Renee O'Connor is back online. The site contains video from 2008 Comic Con of Renee and Trey with a short interview, the trailer, screencaptures from the trailer, news and artwork based on the show.

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17 August 2009

New Renee Artwork - Ark The Series

Renee's new web series "Ark" will soon premiere and Carpe Chakram has created artwork based on the series.

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For more about Renee's series Ark - go to the AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Ark Subsite



17 August 2009

New AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Banner

AUSXIP Talking Xena message board is AUSXIP's official forum and it has some absolutely talented artists. We recently organised a artwork contest to pick a new banner for the site and today I selected this wonderful banner by misslane from AUSXIP TX ROC Chat

The banner (seen at the top of the page) will be seen throughout the site and I want to thank Gabsfan who organised the contest and of course the contestants federika and misslane for participating! Talented artists and beautiful work although doing a banner with Renee's image is not hazardous work <g>

Congratulations again to misslane for the beautiful artwork.



15 August 2009

Trey Stokes Delivers Brilliant Sci-Fi With 'Ark'

The following is from SciFiScoop about Ark the Web series starring Renee. It's been a while since we've heard anything about the show and Renee posted the link to this article on her website.

HTML clipboard

Trey Stokes Delivers Brilliant Sci-Fi With 'Ark'

About a week ago I wrote an article about an upcoming sci-fi web series from online content producer 60 Frames titled Ark that I thought looked highly promising.  If you missed that article, I recommend reading it before continuing with this one as it covers a great deal of background on the series that I won't cover here. Check it out at the link below (where you can also watch the trailer):

Upcoming Web Series 'Ark' Looks Promising

Since writing the above article I have been fortunate to view an early screener of the entire ten episode series.  I say "fortunate" because Ark delivers brilliant sci-fi and in my opinion is the best science fiction web series that I've seen so far.

Read Article



14 August 2009

Rockford Files To Be Released on DVD

In 1995 Renee guest starred in a Rockford Files movie called A Blessing in Disguise with James Garner. Renee stars as Laura Sue Dean. TVShowsOnDVD has announced the all the Rockford Files movies will released on DVD starting with Vol 1 (which will include A Blessing in Disguise) on November 3

With all six seasons of The Rockford Files, the classic James Garner-starring P.I. series, now available on DVD, fans are interested in getting home video releases of the 8 post-series telefilms that aired on CBS from 1994 to 1999:

  1. The Rockford Files - I Still Love L.A. (1994)
  2. The Rockford Files - A Blessing in Disguise (1995)
  3. The Rockford Files - If The Frame Fits... (1996)
  4. The Rockford Files - Godfather Knows Best (1996)
  5. The Rockford Files - Friends and Foul Play (1996)
  6. The Rockford Files - Punishment and Crime (1996)
  7. The Rockford Files - Murder and Misdemeanors (1997)
  8. The Rockford Files - If it Bleeds, It Leads (1999)
Universal has been dropping hints for a while, but today they made it official: November 3rd will see the DVD release of The Rockford Files - Movie Collection, Volume 1. This 2-disc set running 366 minutes will cost $26.98 SRP. While a list of contents hasn't been revealed for this item, the running time and the "Volume 1" mention in the title seems to indicate that we'll probably get half of the above list of telefilms.

Read More

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12 August 2009

Words Unspoken Best Short Film and Best Actress Awards

  Words Unspoken has been awarded Best Short Film and Renee was awarded Best Actress award at The West Hollywood International Film Festival! Congratulations to Renee and all the cast/crew who made this amazing film. This is the first film Renee has written in addition to directing and acting. Well deserved awards.

See full award recipients

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10 August 2009

Renee at New FilmmakersLA and Q&A 31 August 09

Renee has posted a note on her site that she will be attending the New FilmmakersLA screening of Words Unspoken at the end of the month AND participating in a Q&A with other filmmakers about the production.

Location and time:
NewFilmmakers Los Angeles at Sunset Gower Studios Hollywood on Monday August 31st 2009. 8:00pm -

Shorts Program #2 • Morning Always Comes (Dir. Bailey Edwards) • From Mars, With Love (Dir. Daniel Hernandez ) • Too Short of an Answer (Dir. Armin Bettels) • Words Unspoken (Dir. Renee O'Connor) • Pussyfooting (Dir. Lisa James-Larrson) • Russel Fish: The Sausage & Eggs Incident (Dir. Terence Heuston)

9:21pm - Audience Q&A with Short Filmmakers Program #2. Following the Q&A will be a bar reception during the feature program.

Tickets are now available for purchase to the August 31st 2009 program. To purchase tickets online visit 




10 August 2009

Words Unspoken To Be Shown in New Zealand

Looks like Renee's film will be shown in New Zealand - and just when I'll be in NZ as well! How's that for good timing. I may take a trip to Christchurch for this...wonder if Renee will be there?

This was posted on Renee's site

We are pleased to invite your film to screen during our three-day event which is held at Christchurch's Rialto Cinema between September 14 and 16 this year. The Festival is supported by the Canterbury Film Society and the Belladonna Film Trust



7 August 2009

Renee at Hollywood Film Festival High Res Photos

Renee attended the Hollywood Film Festival on 5 August 2009 (to be continued until 8 August) to showcase her spectacular short film Words Unspoken. Michelle Munier was at the event and sent in some gorgeous High Resolution images of Renee.

Check them out here



5 August 2009

West Hollywood International Film Festival 2009 Change

Message about West Hollywood International Film Festival 2009... We would like to sincerely apologize for the last minute venue change. PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR CREW AND GUESTS.

As many of you know, there has been absolutely no support from The City of West Hollywood with our festival. It's a shame, but unfortunately (after confirmation) PDC was forced to cancel our opening night event .

BUT, everything happens for a reason.... SO, we are now holding opening night , as well as ALL screenings at THE ROOSEVELT HOTEL (located at Hollywood Blvd . and Orange)



1 August 2009

New Renee Photos on IMDb

Hop on over to the Internet Movie Database, on the Renee bio page. There's some super new Renee pictures to enjoy.

Click here to view

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