15 August 2009

Trey Stokes Delivers Brilliant Sci-Fi With 'Ark'

The following is from SciFiScoop about Ark the Web series starring Renee. It's been a while since we've heard anything about the show and Renee posted the link to this article on her website.

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Trey Stokes Delivers Brilliant Sci-Fi With 'Ark'

About a week ago I wrote an article about an upcoming sci-fi web series from online content producer 60 Frames titled Ark that I thought looked highly promising.  If you missed that article, I recommend reading it before continuing with this one as it covers a great deal of background on the series that I won't cover here. Check it out at the link below (where you can also watch the trailer):

Upcoming Web Series 'Ark' Looks Promising

Since writing the above article I have been fortunate to view an early screener of the entire ten episode series.  I say "fortunate" because Ark delivers brilliant sci-fi and in my opinion is the best science fiction web series that I've seen so far.

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