21 August 2009

Words Unspoken Semi Finalist At Moondance Film Festival

Words Unspoken has been selected as a semi finalist in the Short Narrative Film section!
Check it out here

What is the Moondance Mission?

Our objective for this competition and film festival is to promote and encourage screenwriters and independent filmmakers, and the best work in stage plays, radio plays, TV scripts, musical scores, lyrics, librettos, musical videos, & short stories. Moondance provides a forum in which those creative, talented & dedicated artists can have the opportunity for their work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the international film community.

Moondance promotes, encourages, educates and rewards non-violent conflict resolution in the arts & film. Our much-coveted Columbine Awards are given to the film-makers &/or writers who best depict alternatives to violence as a method of dealing with conflicts, whether personal, local, national or international, and/or show why violence as a solution to conflict is ultimately counter-productive and inhumane.

Our mission is to entertain, to inform, to inspire, to encourage and to educate. We believe that films and scripts can contribute to a healthier society and that films and scripts should encourage the active involvement of audiences to connect and act collectively to address social challenges. Winning and finalist films and scripts are innovative, distinctive, compelling and engaging, relevant to varied audiences and encourage participation. We are eager to continue to be one of the most important film festivals in the world by being innovative, risk-taking, and open to new thinking, new concepts, new talent, and new ways of telling stories.

Our work on reaching out toward women film-makers and women writers everywhere in the world is primary and ongoing. Women writers and film-makers from all six continents, and from a wide diversity of ethnic and linguistic groups are an integral part of our mission and goals. We seek to inspire and invigorate this creative potential of women to perceive, conceptualize, and produce their works for the benefit of the world society. We are dedicated to preserving their accumulated accomplishments and visions as expressed through the art of film and writings. Read More