18 December 2021

Renee Hosts HOB Fundraiser with Her Art

Oh I'm so late with this but I just had to show these gorgeous artworks. Renee's art is just amazing. Reposted with Renee's permission from her official Instagram account:

Very appreciative of the interest in my paintings! ??
Two new encaustic paintings available today for the House of Bards Theatre Company’s fundraiser. The ‘Lion’ is encaustic medium on canvas.
‘An Earthly Bouquet’ is encaustic medium on canvas. Please direct message me for information.


Thankful for the opportunity to share my paintings with you, while contributing to the House of Bards Theatre Company fundraiser to bring Shakespeare and other classical literature and novels to the stage!! Please direct message me if this painting calls out for you. It is an encaustic medium on canvas. Thanks!!


To see more of Renee's art, go to her Official Renee O'Connor Instagram account