5 August 2020

Xena Featured In List of Eight Fantasy Series You Must Check Out!

Cursed tells a reimagined story of King Arthur and Excalibur, flipping the script and centering Nimue, the mythical Lady of the Lake, as the series' hero. The series premiered on Netflix and quickly claimed the top spot on the streaming service. While fans wait on news of a potential Season 2, we've compiled some similar shows worth checking out. If you liked the mystical elements of Cursed, then you'll likely enjoy these eight fantasy series too.

#4 Xena: Warrior Princess

ImageA cult classic. If you rewatch (or watch for the first time), you’ll find that Cursed is reminiscent of the spirit of Xena: Warrior Princess. Lucy Lawless’ Xena has become an icon for good reason: the show has influenced so many of the fantasy series that have come after. Xena sets off on a quest to atone for her sins. Xena: Warrior Princess is full of spectacular locations, great character dynamics (hello, Xena and Gabrielle!), and awesome fight sequences.

Available on: Syfy

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