13 October 2019

House of Bards Macbeth Review by 11Traveler11

Image 11Traveler11 went on opening night of the House of Bards first production of Macbeth! This is her review and some goodies she got with her ticket.

Macbeth Review
by 11Traveler11
Show date: 11 October 2019

Recovering from long travel days so I don’t think this can do justice to the amazing opening that @houseofbardstheatreco had with #Macbeth. The cast pulled you into another world as a silent witness to the events unfolding. I could probably write about every actor on stage.

Jed Sura as Macbeth was brilliant; it was fascinating watching the emotions cross his face as if you could follow the thoughts racing through his head as others spoke. Witnessing his mental breakdown. Bravo. Allen Barstow as Banquo and @miles_muir as Macduff were such great counterparts.

I didn’t know who to root for, lol. @realreneeoconnor it goes without saying that the classic lines of #ladymacbeth you brought to life with the downward spiral of her psyche. @irisplays @ckproductions45 @citizenbkane And the Witches...goodness they almost stole the show, so animated and so good!

@fsuwriter I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about King Duncan wearing a hat than a crown. Wonderful work on stage. I’d love to tag everyone who contributed to such an awesome effort. Thank you for an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. Next production I volunteer for fight stunts!



Tickets are available for performances from 18 October until 3 November
Doors open at 7:00 PM on Monday & Thursday, 1:30 PM on Sunday