5 September 2019

24th Xena Anniversary and 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction Raises $11,201.55!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR AWESOME SHOW! 24 Years and still this fandom's heart beats. It has changed our lives in so many different ways. I've been reading the submissions for the Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book and let me tell you, it will move you to tears. Extraordinary. Just extraordinary.


No photo description available.Want some more good news? Well the AUSXIP Charity Auction has ended for another year. We initially thought that this year's total amount raised was going to be smaller than normal because we weren't planning on a large auction. We are saving that up for the big kahuna of charity auctions - the 25th Anniversary Charity Auction next year. Let's just say we got it wrong. I'm happy to be wrong. Ecstatic to be wrong.

I am BLOWN away by this year's auction total.

This year's combined total is $11,201.55!

$6701.55 will be donated to Starship Foundation
$4500.00 will be donated to The House of Bards

That takes our overall total from all auctions to $215,452.21!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! TOGETHER we certainly made a difference, right? RIGHT!

Yes. Mind Blown.