3 May 2019

Renee To Open Her Own Theater Company Suggest a Name!


Renee O'Connor needs your help. For those of you who enjoy theater and are interested in supporting Renee O'Connor in future productions she is looking for suggestions for a name for a non-profit theater company she is forming. Renee was so impressed with the support she received from Xenites, attending the Xenite Retreat, who took time out to go see her in the Little Fish Theatre production of Uncle Vanya. Renee is looking for Xenite input on her new project.

Renee said: "It was their support for theater and the arts which really helped me finally clarify what my vision is for my theater company ? My company is producing Shakespeare, classical literature for the stage; to cultivate an appreciation of the classics in high schools by offering professional productions they can see."

In addition to Macbeth this October, Renee is looking to produce "The Outsiders" in 2020.

GO TO: make your suggestion. READ the rules first!