31 August 2018

AUSXIP Salutes Sharon Delaney On Her Retirement from Creation Entertainment

ImageSharon Delaney has announced that she is retiring from Creation Entertainment via her twitter account - Sharon was responsible for ALL the Xena related and Lucy Lawless / Renee O'Connor goodies from Creation over the years - and there was an ENORMOUS amount of it. Lots of hard work went into it and it was a labor of love.

Without Sharon's work at Creation (someone who actually loved the show and not making a half hearted effort) we wouldn't have seen half the stuff (if not all). The Xenaverse didn't have the luxury images/video/contact with the actors that fandoms have today.

Sharon produced quality content via the Official Xena Fan Club magazines that gave us behind the scenes stuff and other goodies. It's hard work (although Sharon, being a fan, had a lot of fun doing it). It takes a fan to create something for other fans to enjoy and make it special.

The Xenaverse wouldn't have had the goodies we had without her.

Live Long and Prosper and Battle On, Sharon Delaney!