22 August 2017

The Xena Reboot is DEAD - My Thoughts On Replacing The Magic


The Xena Reboot has been officially killed off. For now. There could be two reactions to this news.

1. YEAY! You can't have Xena and Gabrielle be played by anyone other than Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

2. Oh what?! Come on we want a Xena Reboot even if Lucy and Renee can't reprise their roles! We want it now!

Where do I stand on this outcome. A part of me wanted this show to be resurrected and a part of me didn't. I was at war with myself for a long time but as the news dragged on and Javi Grillo-Marxuach came into the picture, then he outlined his vision...alarm bells went off in my head. Not that I didn't think Javi would do a great job. He would have - he got people emotionally invested in characters in a show (The 100) that generated such emotion that death threats were issued. A good writer can make you FEEL. Javi's credentials were not into question. What was into question was his idea of having Xena and Gabrielle as lovers - just like that. No subtext, no iffs or maybe.

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