22 July 2015

Nine Reasons With We Need a Xena Reboot - Sydney Morning Herald

Michael Idato (very obvious a Xenite), entertainment guru over at the Sydney Morning Herald has nine reasons why we need a Xena reboot - what do you mean Michael we only have 9 reasons? I think we can come up with a few more but here's Michael's 9 reasons - click here to read full article

1. Because we're at the dawn of the age of the female superhero

AUSXIP: Yes indeed and Xena was ahead of her time! This opening theme just gets to me...seriously. I've been in this fandom for 19 years and it still gets to me.



2. Because few instruments are cooler than Bulgarian bagpipes

3. Because no one can ululate like Xena can ululate



4. Because no one can accessorise like Xena can accessorise

5. Because an episode of Xena is basically a history lesson

If you are reading Michael's #5 reason - it won't make any sense to non Ausssies :)

6. Because Xena and Gabrielle were basically a same-sex couple

Well this a very 'well duh' moment :) Yes indeed.

And long before it was fashionable to boot. Xena's real-life alter-ego, Lucy Lawless, said as much in an interview conducted after the series wrapped. Think about it. Two women who travelled everywhere together, took baths together, shared the same bed and, when the occasion required, worked their uvula's into a frenzy. It's enough to give you a case of the vapours. Long before on-screen couples like Captain Jack and Ianto Jones (from Torchwood) could declare their love explicitly, Xena and Gabrielle just bathed wordlessly together. A lot.


Yeah baby they were a couple - well and truly.

7. Because Gabrielle was the best sidekick, ever

Indeed she was and how! She matured, she grew out of being a sidekick and became Xena's equal. It was a rocky road but she got there. Awesome!


8. Because Lucy Lawless is a really, really nice

Okay, so, there was that time at the Mardi Gras, right? You remember. Well, probably you don't, because you weren't there. But there was that time at the Mardi Gras, the year that Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) came, that we (myself, and a colleague) were tasked, unexpectedly, with chaperoning them. You read that right: two little Aussie blokes, the only thing between Xena and Gabrielle and tens of thousands of lesbians. It's a small miracle we weren't killed. But the takeout is this: I've met a lot of celebrities in my time, and Lawless was a big, bronze-bustier of lovely.


If you want to see more of Lucy and Renee at the 1999 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - go here