16 January 2015

Last Chance Sizzle Reel with Renee - Possible Series

Another great project for Renee. This is for Last Chance. It's a series that the producers are pitching for a series. The more views they get on youtube for the sizzle reel the better. Help Support Renee and pass this along to everyone you know!

A woman runs from her complicated past while helping others escape their desperate present.

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Carrie, a woman who escaped her own violent past, is newly introduced to the “LCO” (Last Chance Org) by Marnie, a gutsy ex-cop who now reluctantly runs this sort of vigilante underground that helps people break away from desperate situations. Carrie and Marnie work with a team that include volunteers from both sides of the law; from a mouthy hacker, a lawyer, a bitter police captain, a bounty hunter, etc., each bringing their own issues to the table.