11 September 2013

SPIFFest Youth Filmmaking–Renee Mention

Image635145256630515009There is a good, interesting article about the weekend SPIFFest Youth Filmmaking Intensive Renee helped to teach recently, calling Renee a "great catch" for them.


It starts with the Spiff's executive director Ziggy Mrkich inviting a couple of Hollywood professionals to develop the training class for students. One great catch was the actress Renee O'Connor, best known to the American public for her role as Gabrielle in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. One thing I've noticed over the years is that film and television directors write sidekick rolls into their scripts because they need to put in real actors and actresses who can bring the plot alive. Over the years, the audience develops a connection to the sidekicks -- just think of the actors who supported Captain Kirk on Star Trek, and became icons in their own right. Renee is that kind of actress.           

So we had somebody who can actually talk about the art and craft of acting, and has the resume that makes her presentation believable.     

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