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14 April 2013

New Renee Interview: Bringing Awareness Center Stage Kinetics Magazine; Apr-May 2013 Issue


New Renee Interview with Kinetics Magazine

Renee O'Connor made a name for herself when she resided in Auckland, New Zealand, playing the role of Gabrielle, Xena's trusted sidekick on the popular series from 1995-2001. The role created a huge worldwide fan base, one still active in countless websites dedicated to the actress and this signature series.

Since 2001, Renee has starred in several independent films including this year's Beyond The Farthest Star, the anticipated theatrical release from Pathlight Entertainment.

Currently, Renee writes, directs, and produces award winning short films and new media, with the mission of elevating personal and interpersonal awareness through entertainment.

As a passionate voice for unifying and raising consciousness, Renee facilitates international Awareness Seminars to assist in the personal growth of gifted adults as an affiliation with the Rocamora School in Los Angeles; as well as a featured public speaker with Ellie Drake's 'Braveheart Women' community; one of the 2010 and 2012 nominees for the Los Angeles Business Journal's 'Women Making A Difference' Awards; a featured speaker for the '100 Women of Destiny' Tele-Retreat celebrating the 100th Year of International Women's Day.

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5 April 2013

Red Alert Time: Vote For Xena: Who is the Bravest One of All!

Seriously? Xena is going to lose out to some animated character? Really? I think not.

What's wrong with this picture? Everything. Go and vote to reverse the bars!

Who’s the bravest one of all?

An ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances. The guy or gal who hangs on one minute longer than everyone else, who gives his or her life to something bigger than oneself. The main character. The good guy. The one we root for until the bitter end and cheer with in victory after overcoming all odds. Here are 64 of our favorite protagonists from science fiction and fantasy, pitted head-to-head over six rounds to determine one thing: Who’s the bravest one of all?




2 April 2013

AUSXIP Charity Auction Update - Payments and Donations Received as of 3 April

Starship has been inundated with money. This is a good thing! Let's give them some extra work especially after the Easter break. I'm sure Jenni at Starship will love that <g>

Starship has sent the spreadsheet of payments received and it makes for some happy reading.

If you have paid between 28 March to 3 April (morning), your payment has been received. I will process the spreadsheet and match it to our one and then shipping of the items will begin. The matchup should be completed by the end of the week.

Special thanks to those who donated without winning. Much appreciated!

If you won an item and have received an email (please check your spam folder) or contact me on feedback @

How to Pay For Your Auction Item | Donate Without Bidding