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31 January 2013

New Renee Facebook Page: Independent Consultant for Arbonne Products


Renee just started a new Facebook page yesterday, January 29, for her work as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne products. It's under the name Renee O'Connor Independent Consultant.

So far, it looks like it's open to the public, even non-Facebook members. She hasn't filled in any info in the sections yet but there is a nice profile photo.



22 January 2013

Message From Renee About New Documentary + Xena Con

Renee posted the following on her Official Facebook page about a new documentary she is filming, addressing why she wasn't at the Xena Con with Lucy and also discussing the fake Twitter account:

Source: Official Renee O'Connor Facebook Page

Morning Friends! Thanks for the heads up about the fake Twitter account. I do not have a twitter account, and I do not know how to stop these idiots. You have to step me through it slowly, as I am truly a blonde. :) Ok, back to the real reason I am posting, I love Lucy, always will, but I could not be there again on Sunday. I am working on a documentary about Mary Rocamora who profoundly shaped who I am today, as did the lovely Lucy. So, my film on Mary is keeping me busy. There is another ebay post from me, ROCPRODUCTIONS, if you care to check it out. More soon...back to prep...

Love and Thanks. Renee

Click here to see the items Renee has on ebay



8 January 2013

Renee Artwork "Friend In Need Dragon" To Raise Funds For Documentary

Image634932760428099711Renee has a new painting up for auction on eBay called "Friend in Need Dragon."  She is using the auction to help fund a documentary she is shooting about Mary Rocamora, her Awareness Training teacher and mentor.  She will also be starting a campaign on the crowd-funding site, Indiegogo, to fund the film.  There is a message from Renee posted in her eBay auction posting with this same information.  The auction ends on January 13 at 5:17PM Pacific Standard Time. 


Click here for the ebay auction (at the moment the winning bid is $1,500)


Message from Renee

Hello, it has been such a long time since I have been painting. This one is inspired by the last episode of Xena. I am contributing the proceeds from this painting to a documentary I am filming about my teacher and mentor, Mary Rocamora. It will be a resource for the filming in addition to a campaign on Indiegogo coming shortly. 

With Thanks,


Main page for Indiegogo (Renee's campaign is not on the site yet):