29 August 2012

Starship Spring Clean Sneak Peek at Auction Items + FAQ

Starship and AUSXIP have teamed up to host the Lucy Lawless donated items for the annual Starship Spring Clean. This is open to international visitors. Starship Spring Clean is a unique fundraising campaign that is held in September every year to raise money for the Starship Foundation in New Zealand.

All proceeds from this item will benefit kids at Starship through the Starship Spring Clean

Lucy donated the items for the Starship Spring Clean and AUSXIP is auctioning them off on behalf of Starship

The auction goes live on 01 September and runs till 15 September (NZ Time) - click here to register





01. Which charity will benefit from this special auction?
02. Where did the Items come from and can I donate?
03. How long does the auction last?
04. Where can I go to place a bid?
05. Can you use the same password and user ID from previous auctions on AUSXIP?
06. How can I register to participate in this auction?
07. The site says "Currency is in ($) unless otherwise noted. Is this always in *US* dollars?
08. Once the sale is over, how do I pay for my item?
09. Where is the item going to be shipped from?
10. How do I pay for shipping?
11. I can't afford to bid, would it be possible to donate to Starship? 
12. I have a website / facebook / twitter. Can I participate in promoting this auction?
13. Would you like to ask a question not included in the FAQ?


Starship Spring Clean Lucy Lawless Auction Scripts

Married With Fishsticks Script
Many Happy Returns Script
Soul Possession Script

Starship Spring Clean Lucy Lawless Auction Costume

Heart of Darkness Coat and Boots