13 June 2012

Renee Awareness Training Seminar Date Change

According to notes on Renee's Facebook page and her website, the date of Renee's October Awareness Training seminar in Austin, TX is being changed.  The original date is on a weekend of a University of Texas home football game so hotels are booked up and the prices are higher.  Renee is hoping to move it to sometime during late October - early November.  She will post an update when the date has been reset.


To our dear Awareness participants:

We chose the first weekend in October because we were told there was no home football game for University of Texas. It turns out that the schedule for the games have changed and now there is a big game that weekend in Austin.

Because of the change in football scheduling our hotel is now fully booked and rates among nearby hotels have skyrocketed.

We are looking into moving the seminar to a hotel by the airport. And although not ideal for walking around in the evening, it is not our intention to have you pay such a high premium for a hotel room. We would like to hear any comments on moving to another weekend altogether.
We'd like to know if anyone has made non refundable reservations and how we can help you organize a move.

Please email  with your feedback if you are attending.

Thank you for your patience.

Our sincerely apologizes for the incontinence.

Renee and Michelle


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