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31 October 2011

New Xena Movie - Not the Xena Movie You Had In Mind

ImageWe all want a Xena movie so we can see how Xena got herself out of that whole dying thang at the end of A Friend In Need back in 2001.

Alas the time for a Xena Movie has come and gone - well and truly. There are fans who have Xena Movie campaign going and petitions to TPTB and would love to see Lucy and Renee reprise their iconic roles but the truth is, it's not going to happen.

A REAL Xena movie starring Lucy Lawless as Xena and Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle will NEVER happen. Unless something extraordinary happens in Hollywood, we will never see it. We may see a Xena movie with a 20 something unknown actress as Xena and a 20 something unknown as Gabrielle some time in the future. Not Lucy and Renee.

Today comes the news that can only be put under "be careful what you wish for, you might get it" listing.

- A Xena Movie is being planned.
- They want a Lucy Lawless lookalike.
- They would want a Renee O'Connor lookalike

good news (somewhat) so far right? Wrong.

- It's a p0rn movie.

I've linked the press release on the AUSXIP facebook page if you REALLY want to read the press release.

There can only be one Xena and that is Lucy Lawless. There can only be one Gabrielle and that is Renee O'Connor NO ONE is going to ever replace Lucy and Renee. Unfortunately it will happen but AUSXIP won't be covering it. I'll stick with the originals and the best.

If you REALLY want to know how Xena got herself out of that whole FIN problem...head on over to the Subtext Virtual Season and see how it's resolved.



25 October 2011

RingCon Video of Renee and Hudson

Here's a video on YouTube that gives a nice overview of Hudson & Renee's (mostly Renee's) appearance at RingCon including video from the Opening & Closing Ceremonies and photos from Renee's and Hudson & Renee's panels.




24 October 2011

RingCon Photos Renee and Hudson by Andrea


Added more photos of Renee and Hudson on stage together at RingCon in Germany by Andrea.

Click here to view

You can read reports and more photos on the AUSXIP Conventions RingCon Event page



20 October 2011

RingCon Report, Video and Photos by Marion

Marion has sent in her video, report and photos from Friday and Saturday at RingCon in Bonn, Germany


Read report

Watch Video

View Friday photos | Saturday Photos



19 October 2011

Behind The Scenes Photo of Lucy & Renee from Bitch Slap


WarnPhotography has a funny pic from behind the scenes on the movie Bitch Slap with Lucy (Mother Superior), Renee (Sister Batril) and America Olivo (Camero)

Click here to view image


Watch the VERY funny interview with Mother Superior & Sister Batril





19 October 2011

Nominate Renee for People's Choice Award

ImageVoice your choice to determine this year's nominees.The top five in each category will become the official nominees of People's Choice Awards 2012.

Click here to nominate Renee



17 October 2011

Photos of Renee's Solo Appearance at RingCon on Friday

Andrea has sent in more photos from RingCon - these were from Renee solo appearances on Friday


Click here for 73 photos of Renee



For more about photos check out the AUSXIP Xena Convention RingCon Event Page



16 October 2011

Photos and Report by Andrea for Day 1 and 2


Follow up to yesterday's photos and report from Andrea, here's day 2 (and Andrea is officially in a ROC Haze...I somehow don't think anyone is immune to this woman).

Click here for the report

Click here to view more Friday photos

Click here to view program scans



15 October 2011

New Xena and Gabrielle Art by Carpe Chakram

Updated Carpe Chakram's Xena Art Gallery to include two new artworks
Click on the thumbnails for the larger images


or click here



15 October 2011

RingCon Press Conference Photos of Renee & Hudson


Here are some more photos and reports of Renee and Hudson from RingCon in Bonn, Germany. Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.



Press Conference



14 October 2011

Renee and Hudson Photos from 2011 RingCon Germany

ImageAUSXIP Reporter Andrea attended the 2011 RingCon convention in Bonn, Germany and she sent in some photos (more to follow)



Click here to view



11 October 2011

Renee Launches New Site - Talking With Video Series


Renee has launched another new site that takes her Talking With series of videos and uses it for the basis of her new site. I like it; very fresh and very well organised. Another ROC winner!

Click here to view



10 October 2011

Renee's Two Day Photo Op at 2012 Xena Convention


The following has been posted on the official 2012 Xena Convention page on Creation Entertainment. We all know that Renee likes to add something special to photo ops (dressing up in various Gabrielle costumes). It seems the 2012 Xena Con will feature her in TWO outfits.

Personally I'm hoping my favourite Gabrielle outfit makes it's return: BGSB and the brown skirt with her original staff.

Check out the notice below

RENEE O'CONNOR: $70 (SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Renee has graciously agreed to wear a different super-cool outfit each day. It is always a surprise to see what she has planned for her many fans!).

Note that you are free to use your Renee photo op tickets either day you choose.



10 October 2011

Convention News from Bonn and Prague with Renee and Hudson

Here's some news regarding two conventions. First one is Ringcon which will have Renee and Hudson in Germany. The second is the just held Prague convention with Hudson.

Ringcon (Bonn, Germany) - 14 - 16 October 2011

Ringcon will be held in in Bonn is held this weekend 14th until 16th October.

Renee and Hudson Leick confirmed but Ted Raimi has cancelled. Also confirmed are Charisma Carpenter(Buffy/Angel/Legend of the Seeker)and Dyna Chiplin(Legend of the Seeker/ Stunt Double)

(News submitted by Petra)

Prague: 8 October 2011

Hudson attended the Prague convention on 8 October.

Hudson Leick screaming - Prague 8.10.2011 Klub Lávka:



(Anyone here speak Czech?) Hudson's item is about 4 mins in:

(News submitted by Barbara Davies)




10 October 2011

Renee in Music Video for You Are A Star by Jeremy Buck & The Bang

Renee is featured in the music video from Jeremy Buck & The Bang called You Are A Star

This is the Official Music Video for "You Are a Star" by Jeremy Buck & The Bang. The song is the title track from their full length Album, "You are a Star".

Many thanks to Becky for the news!



5 October 2011

Promos and Press Kit Video for Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus

Updated AUSXIP Video with promos and press kit videos for the 1998 animated movie "Hercules & Xena The Animated Movie The Battle For Mount Olympus"

ImageHercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus is a 1998 American animated action adventure direct-to-video film starring the voices of Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Renée O'Connor, Kevin Smith, and Alexandra Tydings, all reprising their roles from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. It was directed by Lynne Naylor and written by John Loy.


Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Promo 3
Posted on: 6th October 2011

Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Promo 3

Video promo #3 of Hercules and Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus



Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Press Kit Video

Posted on: 6th October 2011

Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Press Kit Video

Press Kit Video of Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus



Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Promo 1
Posted on: 6th October 2011

Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus Promo 1

Promo video for the animated movie Hercules & Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus


For more videos related to the animated videos go to AUSXIP Video: The Battle For Mount Olympus