6 September 2011

Message from Producer of Beyond The Farthest Star

The following was sent to me by Gabsfan regarding Renee's movie "Beyond The Farthest Star"

I am officially calling in the troops! I am sending this message to some of our closest friends and fans for BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR. We are talking to two major distributors on Wednesday. It would be incredible to say we have 7,000 Facebook fans by Wednesday. Currently, we have 6,400 fans. This is an immediate goal. We'd like to see 10K fans by Thanksgiving. I think we can do it if we all work together. "Bring It" votes are now up to 3,000. Please encourage your friends and family to LIKE us on Facebook and vote through the Bring It button on FB & on the site. (The link is below and the big orange BRING IT button is featured on this page). This is a very crucial time for the project as it has a lot of eyes on it. You can help by spreading the word. We are working to finish the film and test screening audiences are moved by what they have seen.

In the next few weeks we will hear from three major film festivals- The Hamptons International, Heartland and Austin Fil m Festival. The novel is available for pre-order through a variety of booksellers including There will be a lot of attention and buzz. Email, use FB, re-post, call your friends... whatever you can do. Please commit to helping us reach these goals so we can get the film out to the world!

If each of you get 30 people (new LIKES) each by Wednesday, we can make our goal! Please let me know you are set for the challenge!

Benjamin Dane