15 August 2011

Renee's Awareness Seminars Update For October 2011

Renee's September Awareness Seminar in Palm Springs, CA is now Sold Out:

Throughout the two days, we will be sharing our direct experiences together in the following ways:

Clarifying Awareness:
Each person will have the opportunity to feel Awareness directly and create a benchmark for sustaining this feeling for use in life.

We will look at "Trapped States". What are they? By taking a story from one's own life, we will be able to show through example the cause and effect of living in this state of mind.

Emotional Behavior:
We look at emotions in a general sense, and then we scale back to see what type of emotions serve us, and the whole of all of us.

Choice and Willingness:
You make choices to learn to recognize your patterns, now comes your willingness to stop acting mindlessly. Having a willingness to curiously move into an expansive life takes courage!

Through a series of inductive questions, you will get to see the method with which you make your choices, and to see the way in which you play out your willingness to make the changes for your personal growth.

Are the choices you have made in your career, or relationships serve your personal growth, or are they sustaining a limiting belief you hold about yourself?

The next scheduled seminar will be in Paris, France (in English & French) on October 22-23:

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