8 July 2011

Katy, Texas: Home of the Stars


Katy is known as being a refuge from the bright lights and busyness of our mega-sized neighbor to the east, Houston. Though that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a good chance to bump into some big-name celebrities while out and about in Katy.

From movie stars, athletes, singers and models who look back fondly on Katy childhood, to those who moved here in search of a comfortable life with a bit of privacy, Katy is chock-full of icons in the entertainment industry.

Renée O’Connor
Renée O’Connor is known the world over by fans of science fiction and fantasy for her role as Gabrielle on the show Xena: Warrior Princess, in which she played Xena’s butt-kicking travel companion from 1995 to 2001. She has appeared regularly on many most-beautiful-people lists in magazines such as People, FHM, Maxim and TV Guide. O’Connor grew up in Katy, and following several years attending a performance and visual arts school in Houston, she transferred back to Taylor High School, where she graduated with her friends.

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Contributor: Gabsfan

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