9 February 2011

There will Be NO 2011 Xena Convention DVD by Creation

The following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena about the rumours that next year's convention will be the last (heard that rumour every year since Xena ended filming) and when/if the 2011 Xena con was filmed and to be released on DVD:

the post is by thrill of the quill
I spoke with Sharon today (called to order the 2009-2010 Convention DVDs, yay) and I asked her about the "last con" rumor. She said that if and when they decide to have a last con, they will definitely announce it as such so that we can all go out with a bang. Many have mentioned that, and it makes sense to me.

I also asked her if the 2011 con was filmed and she said it was not. Mainly because Renee was showing a number of videos which they would not be able to get clearance for for a DVD release, and of course, Lucy's last minute appearance.

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-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan