11 February 2011

Renee Mention on TV Squad 10 February 2011

renee-oconnor-getty-150From the article, "Gabrielle Carteris Heading to 'The Event' and 5 Other '90s Stars We Want Back on TV," by Chris Harnick on TV posted February 10, 2011
"Renee O'Connor ('Xena: Warrior Princess')

Oh, Renee. So lovable as Gabrielle, then a few guest roles and SyFy TV movies later she was gone. She displayed great range on 'Xena,' a master of both comedy and drama. Where she should go: 'The Walking Dead.' Throw her in the mix with this group of dirty and desperate zombie fighters. Make sure she has plenty of scenes with Andrea (Laurie Holden). Alternative: 'Parks and Recreation.' Andy's sister, perhaps? "

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-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan