26 February 2011

Renee at Armageddon Expo - Photos, Reports and Video

ImageReports, pictures and video is coming through from yesterday's Armageddon Expo in Sydney.

Added 7 Photos by MTP_XWP to the AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Convention Gallery.

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Renee & Hudson at Armageddon Sydney – Callisto Yell Posted on: 27th February 2011

I do love it when Hudson does the Callisto Yell. It’s so violent and I bet it’s not easy on Hudson’s voice either to do this yell but she does it so well! Renee and Hudson were at the Armageddon Expo 26 February 2011 in Sydney and they appeared together for the very first time [...]



- Part 1 of a report of Renee and Hudson on Saturday by alicepire on Renee's forum

- Report by Silvertongue - Renee and Hudson on Saturday

Pictures & Video

- Photos and Video by Silvertongue

Downloadable PDF of Sydney Armageddon Expo Event Guide:

Note: This version of the guide still has original 11AM start time for Renee and Hudson. They were on stage together at 10AM.

Also of note when the Renee and Hudson show rolls into Adelaide - they only have 45 minutes for their stage time (the other 15 is going to be eaten up by an eating contest...not between Renee and Hudson but by fans although the Renee and Hudson eating contest would be interesting) :)

-- Reporting by MaryD and Gabsfan