23 February 2011

90's TV Stars: Where Are They Now? Renee O'Connor

Renee was mentioned in the's gallery, Cheesy '90s TV Stars: Where are they now? The info is a inaccurate in places but it's cool.

Xena: Warrior Princess'

ImageRenee O'Connor (Gabrielle)

Xena's sidekick, the staff-wielding Gabrielle, blossomed from story-telling bard to an acrobatic warrior with the help of her butt-kicking counterpart. Thanks to the ambiguous nature of the duo's relationship, O'Connor would go on to be a cult figure in the lesbian community. Since 'Xena,' the actress has appeared in a slew of shorts and made for TV movies, while also trying her hand at directing and producing.

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-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan