22 December 2010

2010 Moby Dick Movie Review by Mesh


2010 Moby Dick Movie / DVD Review
by Mesh

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Barry Bostwick (as Ahab) and Renée O'Connor ( as Ishmael/Michelle) star in the Trey Stokes directed reimagining of the Melville classic.

Renée portrays a scientist specializing in echolocation, whale migration and whale "language". She is enlisted by the vengeful
Captain Ahab to track and stop the gigantic Moby Dick.

The acting is solid and credible in the claustrophobic submarine scenes, but it is hard to suspend disbelief with a gigantic whale gulping down a
helicopter and leaping across an island mountain.

Still, an amusing experience especially for Asylum or prehistoric monster movie aficionados.

For Renée fans, think along the lines of Alien Apocalypse on water,
just with more Renée. Also, Renée with more fingers.

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