30 September 2009

StarScoop Interviews Renee About Fitful Movie

The StarScoop Site has a very interesting interview with Renee about her upcoming movie Fitful (which is due for release to DVD planned for the US winter months).

Photo Credit: Traci Grant
The Star Scoop:

How did you become involved in Fitful?

Renee O'Connor:

A casting director approached me. She was casting for Rich [Brauer, the writer/director]. She sent me the script and said, quote, "I hope you get this" [laughs]. I thought it was great, the reason being is that it has a very peculiar tone to it. It's a dark comedy/thriller. I was intrigued by the comedy aspect and when I realized the writer was going to be the director, I thought it would be a good fit for me. It's such a specific tone that I thought that the writer needed to direct this to get the tone to come across on screen. I really didn't do much research on Rich; I didn't know much about him at all.

That's not my usual style. I usually try to find out what someone's done and how much experience they have and if they are a first time director. And if so, then I usually call and try to get an idea of what they're going for. With Rich, I didn't at all. I just completely went by an instinct based on the script. The script, again, was so quirky and interesting. After I finished the script, it probably took me an hour to try to figure out what the whole thing was about. Then I called back and said I'd love to do it. It was just a matter of Rich looking at my reel and figuring out if I was a good match for him. And that's how that worked out.

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