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25 June 2009

"How Do You Experience God - a video exchange of the feelings"

The following is from Renee's site:

"How Do You Experience God - a video exchange of the feelings"

How would you like to submit a video of your direct experience of God? Let's look at how unique we all are in our perceptions and experiences. Please submit a (1-4) minute video to

Read more about this on Renee's Site



25 June 2009

ROC Outreach Fund Message From Renee

The following is from Renee's site:

Hi Friends.

For those of you who do not know, AUSXIP hosted an auction earlier this year and many of you contributed to the Renee O'Connor Outreach Fund. By the way, let's think of another name for this??

I am honored to be a part of this generous community, and perhaps another name would be a better use for the funds as they will most likely continue to be part of a global outreach campaign. This year the collected funds have been sent to support the Huilloq school project in Peru, in collaboration with Christopher Howard's company to help eradicate poverty. I will keep you posted on the progress of the work.

Read more about this on Renee's Site

Read more about the AUSXIP Auction and Read the Letter from the Tambo Foundation / Huilloq School in Peru



22 June 2009

20 Years of ROCin' Entertainment - Best ROC Video Challenge!

As part of our celebration of Renee's 20 year career anniversary, Talking Xena proudly announces.....

It's Time to Post Your Vote
in the
Official TX Video Challenge #6 
20 Years of ROCin' Entertainment: 1989 - 2009
Best ROC Video Challenge 2009

Hello ROC Fans! 
It's time to get out the popcorn or your favorite snack & beverage, get comfy and watch some excellent ROC videos created by our talented TX members. Watching them, it's easy to see how versatile and multi-talented Renee is.

So we invite you to come to TX's ROC Chat (, sit back and enjoy.

And after watching them all, please be sure to post your vote by June 28th for the best video entry.

 News submitted by TX Moderator Gabsfan



18 June 2009

Foreign Distributors for Diamonds and Guns Needed

Renee posted a note on her official site about finding foreign distributors for her movie Diamonds and Guns:Hi friends, ' Diamonds and Guns ' has never been attached to a Foreign Distributor. So, I wondered if you live outside the United States, you might want to become a 'distributor' of the film for your region? If you are interested in hearing more, please send your bio or resume to



15 June 2009

Renee's Upcoming Movie - State of Hate

Renee has confirmed that she will be starring in a new movie with DJ Perry (DJ was also in Ghost Town) called State of Hate

In 1976, three years after the murder of young mother Dee McGuire, Michigan State Police Detective Lynn Kendall is thrown into the secretive, racist, and violent world of the Ku Klux Klan as he investigates the brutal murder of a 22-year-old black woman in a small Michigan town. Inspired by a true story. Written by T.H.

Click here to read Renee's message about the movie!



15 June 2009

Renee's Official Site Changes to

Renee's site address has now changed from to! The old address will still work as it's being forwarded to the new address.

A new design will also be unveiled shortly.

Way cool :)



6 June 2009

ROC UK TV Alerts

Monster Ark is being aired at various times on the Sky Movies, Sci-Fi/Horror and Sky Screen 2 channels until the 30th of July.


14th June 0830 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
14th June 1915 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

17th June 1105 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
17th June 1925 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

23th June 1645 Sky Screen 2

28th June 1250 Sky Screen 2

4th July 1245 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

9th July 1915 Sky Screen 2

12th July 0800 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
12th July 1550 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

17th July 0815 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
17th July 1530 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

25th July 0815 Sky Screen 2
25th July 1725 Sky Screen 2

30th July 0800 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
30th July 1540 Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

A bit of advance warning;
Darkman II: The return of Durant is to be aired on the 1st of August
at the "ungodsly" hour of 0010 on Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror.

News submitted by Jock



5 June 2009

New Renee Message on Facebook

I am currently writing a screenplay with a long time friend. No one you know. It is about the circus. I love working on a comedy, especially after 'Words Unspoken'. "WU" is going into the Breckenridge Festival in June, and the West Hollywood festival in August.

I am developing other projects for the internet, but nothing to speak of yet.
No word on when ARK will be out, but I think Trey Stokes is finished with 8 out of 10 webisodes. He may laugh at this statement. I love being optimistic.

xx Renee



1 June 2009

TX Congratulates & Celebrates Renee O'Connor on her 20th Anniversary

TX Congratulates & Celebrates Renee O'Connor on her 20 Years of ROCin' Entertainment:  1989 - 2009

Early in 1989, Renee O'Connor began her professional career in TV and film with projects like Disney Mickey Mouse Club's Teen Angel, the indie film, Black Snow and the recently discovered Randalls warehouse safety film. Twenty years later she's an actor, writer, producer and director going strong with a worldwide devoted fanbase, her own production company called ROC Pictures and current projects Words Unspoken, Bitch Slap and Ark.

Join your TX friends on Talking Xena's ROC Chat, General Xena Chat and Subtext Central during the month of June as we mark this special occasion with ROC and Gabrielle focused discussions, games and more.
Read all of the details at Talking Xena's ROC Chat:

News submitted by Gabsfan, AUSXIP Talking Xena Moderator