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29 May 2009

More Renee Photos - Drag Me To Hell Premiere has some High Resolution Renee photos from the premiere of Rob's new movie Drag Me To Hell. There are 4 photos of Renee and several of Rob and others in attendance.

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29 May 2009

Words Unspoken for Moondance Festival?

[This tweet has yet to be confirmed by Renee.]

WSAI/Virtual Studios
On Friday 29th May 2009, @VirtualStudios said:

#FollowFriday Xena's Renee O'Connor to enter her self-written/directed film "Unspoken Words", produced by her company ROC Pictures, into the Moondance International Film Festival. Logline: The road to forgiveness unfolds as a man searches his heart to help assist in his father's dying wish.Renee says "My short film is about forgiveness, which I also wrote and directed. I intended to bring a compassionate take on child abuse, to open the eyes to all sides of the tale. I feel we are all linked by our capacity to feel.


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28 May 2009

Renee Message About Words Unspoken at Film Festival

Renee has posted her on her site that Words Unspoken has been accepted into the West Hollywood International Film Festival 5-8 August 2009

Renee also has a mesage on there whether she will be in attendance or not.
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17 May 2009

Words Unspoken at Breckenridge Film Festival

Renee's site has been updated with the following news...

"Words Unspoken" To be Shown at the Breckenridge Film Festival "

For those of you who live in Colorado or will be vacationing in Colorado , "Words Unspoken" will be shown at the 29th annual Breckenridge Film Festival on Friday June 12th at 6:00 pm (MST) at the Breckenridge Theater.



15 May 2009

Renee Joins Facebook!

Renee has officially joined Facebook with her own page. Join in and become a fan to follow Renee's postings, pics, videos etc.
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13 May 2009

Renee Photos - Drag Me To Hell Premiere

Renee attended the premiere of Rob's new movie Drag Me To Hell on 12 May 2009 in Hollywood and the pictures are just coming through:
Zimbio #1 | Zimbio #2

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13 May 2009

Renee Pics 2009 Burn Relay

Added some gorgeous pictures of Renee from the 2009 Burn Relay taken by Janna.



11 May 2009

Renee is #44 in AfterEllen Hot 100 List

Renee is #44 in the The 2009 Hot 100 list.

The results of our third annual survey of the hottest women according to lesbian and bisexual women!

Check out AfterEllen to see who else is on this list (Lucy is #27)

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9 May 2009

TX ROC Chat Celebrates 20 Year ROC Career Anniv..

Talking Xena's ROC Chat has begun two contests leading up to our special ROC career anniversary celebration in June.
2009 marks the 20th Anniversary of Renee's professional career in the entertainment industry. As part of TX ROC Chat's June celebration of Renee's successful 20 year career, TX ROC Chat Proudly Presents.....

The Official TX Video Challenge #6
20 Years of ROCin' Entertainment: 1989 - 2009
Best ROC Video Challenge 2009

Attention Renee O'Connor fans! Create a ROC Video and you could receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award in the 6th Official Talking Xena Video Award Challenge!
~ Announcing ~

The June 2009
ROC Chat Banner Contest

Attention Renee O'Connor Fans! Design a ROC Chat banner for June and you could win a Banner of the Year prize at the end of the year.

 June Theme of the Month:

Early in 1989, Renee began her professional career in TV and film with projects like Disney Mickey Mouse Club's Teen Angel, the indie film, Black Snow and the recently discovered Randalls warehouse safety film. Twenty years later she's an actor, writer, producer and director going strong with a worldwide devoted fanbase, her own production company called ROC Pictures and current projects Words Unspoken, B!tch Slap and Ark. As part of TX's upcoming June celebration of the 20th Anniversary of ROC's professional career in the entertainment industry, our ROC Chat banner theme for June will be....

20 Years of ROCin' Entertainment: 1989-2009

Check out all the details for both of these contests on Talking Xena's ROC Chat Forum: 

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9 May 2009

Team Amazon - Message from Nora & Cat!

Hello Everyone,

Cat and I would like to thank everyone for all your support in our effort to participate as Team Amazon in the Aids/Lifecycle Event 8 taking place in three weeks!!!  The seven day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles will test us physically and mentally but we could not be more determined to complete it for ourselves, and for those that never will get the opportunity. 
We especially want to all of you who returned to our Aids Lifecycle Auction that MaryD has so graciously hosted at  As you may well know, her site was hacked and when this happened our auction page and all the bids were totally erased.  Mary, the magician that she is put everything back up and we are just so grateful to see everyone coming back to continue biding.  The first phase of the auction ends this Sunday May 10, 2009 and we want everyone to go check out what awesome goodies are available and consider bidding and become an honorary Team Amazon Member.  We will bring you along with us in spirit every mile we ride. 
I will leave you all with the words of our cycling representative that has instilled such pride in this effort for Cat and I:  Revel in the knowledge that YOU are making a difference.  Your very presence on the Ride (And those of you who have supported us) means you have allowed someone to receive an HIV test, free of charge.  It means you allowed someone, who has just lost their health insurance, to turn to the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and receive personal, professional care.  It means that someone can receive their lifesaving medications.  It means they get to wake up tomorrow and spend another day on this planet we call home. 
Together we are the keepers of light and hope.  Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to so many of us.

Nora and Cat

Team Amazon AIDS LifeCycle Auction Now Underway

Main Team Amazon Life Cycle Auction!

With the recent server problems, I have had to remove the old auction site to rebuild it. In the meantime I've re-located the auction to the old AUSXIP Auction site. If you have previously registered here, your username and password are still in the database.

If not or you would like to add a different account go here:

To Change your registration go here:
Lost Password go here

Let's support Cat and Nora on their quest to ride from SF to LA!



2 May 2009

AIDS LifeCycle incl. Renee Ipod Nano With Playlist

The AIDS LifeCycle Team Amazon Auction has started which has a whole lot of Lucy and Renee goodies INCLUDING an autographed Renee O'Connor Autographed iPod Nano with playlist with a song selection from Renee herself.

Check out the auction at AUSXIP Charity Auctions



2 May 2009

New Message From Renee

Renee has posted a new message on her site about a web site she is supporting called The Rocamora School Inc - it's named after her coach and mentor Mary Rocamora.

Check out Renee's Message